Chapter One

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A/N First chapter of a new book :)
Before hand I would like to thank PretentiousNiall  and niaill  for all the support both of them have given me, they are my two inspirations  for this book! Also all credit goes to niaill for making the wonderful cover!

Kamryn Kelly________________

No." I bluntly say.

"Oh come on, you need a boyfriend so we can go on double dates." My friend/ roommate Hannah smiles. "He's picking you up at 6:00 be ready and look hot." After that her and her boyfriend, Max left. Despite the fact I hated Hannah's blind dates with a passion! I got up to take my shower and get ready.

Dating wasn't my life, I have other things to focus on. For example my job. When I was in school I wasn't the best of students. My grades were never good. I tried to get them up until I came to a low point in my life. That low point toor me apart. I completely shut down everyone and everything including my horrendous grades. in result of that I couldn't get a scholarship to college and my parents refused to pay for it. In quote they said. 'You're an adult time to take care of yourself'. After that my brain told me it was time to grow up. So I matured bought an apartment with my best friend Hannah and now I'm working my butt off at a small coffee house. So I most defiantly do not have the time for dating.

"Ready to go?" A tall thickish brunette showed up at my door hours laters.

"Yes." I smile slipping on my blue vans to go with my baby blue shirt. " where we going?"

"I have tickets for a USMNT game. My buddy bailed on me so I thought I could take you."


"Uhm Kelly?" He asks when we step into the elevator.

"It's Kamryn, Kelly is my last name."

"Right right but you look nervous. You okay?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine, just anxious. " I lie "Big soccer fan."

"Great." The doors beep "this should be fun then." He gestures out of the elevator.

After a 10 minute ride of my so called 'date' telling me everything about him (with an exception of his name). We got to the soccer stadium and  he left me behind walking in front of me until we actually got through the gates. Although I haven't been on many, this was already the worst date I've ever been on. His I.Q must be -12 by a compliment. I'll never let Hannah liv this down.

"Do you want anything from the concessions before we find our seats?" He looks down from his 6ft frame to my smaller 5,5 frame with a smile.

"Uh yeah that'd be good." I return a smile, maybe this date is getting better.

"Alright I'll be right here waiting on you."
Spoke to soon. I stared at him for a moment not wanting to go alone. Whatever. I made my way to the long line and stood their  for about 15 minutes, got some nachos and a water, used the bathroom and made my way back to my 'date'.

"What took you so long?" He stole a chip from my plastic container.

"This place doesn't exactly have short lines."


"Shall we go to our seats?"

"Sounds good." he lead the way and I will admit they weren't that bad. We were fifth row up from the field.

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