Chapter Twenty Seven

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Kamryn Kelly_______________

I woke up yawning the next day in a perfectly clean white bed. Not to mention how unbelievably comfortable the bed is. There's a tan muscular arm hanging over my body filling like a weight.

Niall was cuddling me.
That fine Kamryn.
That's like normal isn't it.

I fell back into reality remembering I had work today.

"Niall." I whispered but he didn't budge.
"Niall Horan." I removed his arm shaking it a bit.
"Niall. Wake. Up." I poke him in the ribs and he jumps up.


"Did that hurt?"

"Yeah." He groaned. "Do you need something?" He throws an arm over his eyes blocking the powerful sunlight peaking through the window.

"I uh, I have work this morning. Can I Uhm- May I use your shower?"

"Yeah you can use the bathroom in this room. There should be shampoo and soap, no conditioner or whatever you girls use. I'll bring you some towels.

"Okay thank you." I began to get up but was stopped.

"Or we could shower together." I snap my head around to look at him with huge eyes.

"I'm kidding." He laughs. "Go ahead I'll be their in a minute."

Wait what?

"I mean I'll be their with towels and a wash cloth Kamryn, relax." He rolls his eyes at my, probably worried features.

After the relief I finally get up but fill a smack on my butt as I got walk past Niall.

Once in the bathroom I make sure to lock the door before I strip. When I stepped into the bathroom I was absolutely amazed. The doors were glass and the rule was a beautiful blue and the shower was half the size of my room. What the heck? I could live in hear. This is big enough for like eight people. What if Niall has had a threesome in here. That's... a bit... scary...
"Kamryn." I slip and fall when Niall calls my name.
"You okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine, I-I knocked the shampoo and soap off. Sorry!"

"Whatever, your towels are outside the door."

"Okay thanks!" I yell and turn on the water feeling cold water squirt out from all six spouts.

"Eeeek." I squeal at the frigid temperature of the water on my skin.

"Kamryn?" Niall shouts again. "What's wrong?"

"I'm fine, cold water is all."

"Turn the nob to the rite, this new thing called hot water should come out." He jokes.

"I know that!" I shout and finally begin my calming shower.

"I made you breakfast."
Niall greeted me when I came out of the guest room.

"You did?" I smiled.

"Of course." He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the breakfast bar where a bowl of oatmeal sat with some fruit on the side.

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