Chapter Fourty

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Kamryn Kelly_________________

"Was that fun?" Niall asked once we pulled into the dock.

"Yeah." I smiled.

"Here." he stuck out his big hand to help me off the boat.

"Aye Niall." Deo captured Niall's attention after I was safely on the dock.


"You want to drive the jet skis?" Jenny holds up some sort of key with a blue stretchy wrist band.

Niall let go of my hand and ran over to the couple in excitement.

"Yes." He grabbed the keys. "Kam, Deo and I are gonna ride some jet skis. You'll be okay?" he rhetorically asked.

"Okay." I walk over to Jenny as the boys get on separate jet skis on the other side of the dock. Don't you have to have a boat license to drive those? I hope he has a license. I shrugged when another question popped into my head.

"Jenny?" I asked


"What are they doing?" I point to the boys in the lake turning the jet skis in circles.

"Ignore them." She laughs. "They like to race and se who can make the most waves."

"Isn't that dangerous?"

"I've tried to tell them, but it's a waist of air." She laughs.

Well it's one thing that it's dangerous and it might be illegal, but... is she not worried that they will mess them up. If I was rich and had all this expensive luxury items I would not let anyone drive my jet skis to possibly mess them up. But what do I know, in poor.

"Want some?" Jenny, who was now standing a few feet away from me at the cooler, offered me some grapes.

"Sure." I shrug joining her over where all the chairs are.

The two of us conversed while we munched on this and that. Once the grapes were gone and the boy weren't back I decided to tan.

"Do you have tanning lotion?" I requested

"Yeah." Jenny hands me a tan bottle. I clicked open the top and squeezed the creamy substance onto my hand to rub it onto my body.

"Thank you." I hand it back and lay down in hopes to catch some sun rays.

I must have fallen asleep because soon I was woken up with a,


I squinted my eyes before slowly opening them.

"Ahh!" I Jump when I see my boyfriend's face hovering over mine. Uhm, personal space please.

Niall noticed my surprised composure and laughs. Meany. Niall laughs once more before leaning down to give me a quick peck.

"What?" I pull away to sit up.
"Go on the jet ski with me." He smiles.
"What no!"

Niall's face portrays confusion at my unexpected denial.

"Because I'm not about to die."

Niall rolls his eyes and says "I don't plan on driving like I do with Deo." He stands up and sticks out a life jacket for me as if to say 'You're coming weather you want to or not.'

I guess if he doesn't drive like he was It should be fun.

"Promise?" I ask

"Have I ever put you in danger?"

he proves his point so I put my hands on the ground to push myself up and slip my jacket on. Niall leads me to the jet ski and helps me get on.

"Do you trust me?" Niall asks

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