Chapter Fifty Two

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Kamryn Kelly_________

"Fuck me and all of my existence." I woke up to a groaning Niall. So I rolled over to discover Niall was holding his arm over his eyes blocking the bright sun seeping through the window.

I chuckled and rolled out of bed to close the curtains.

"How do you fill?" I walked over to him and removed his arms from his face,
"I fill like shit."

I laugh and leave to get some pain killers and some water.
"Thank you." he takes the pills from my hand and took a sip of water.
"Need anything?"
"No." He grabs my hand and pulls me in the bed on top of him making me laugh.

"Someone had a bit too much to drink last night, yeah?" I smirked.
"Shut up." He put his big hand over my face
"Happy New Year." I move his hand off of my face.

His eyes fluttered open to look at me.
"You know, my New Years usually always ends up with a girl in my bed, but I had no idea the girl in my bed this year would be my girlfriend, this time last year."
"Uhm, I'm glad." I bite my lip and it was his turn to laugh.

"I'm going back to sleep." He rolled over taking me with him to where I was being suffocated by his armpit.

"Well what if I don't want to go back to sleep?" I asked making him open his eyes.
"Too bad." he shrugs and falls asleep within the next ten minutes. I roll out of his loose grip and grab his remote to turn the tv on and Charlie moves to lay beside me.

"Hey bud." I pat his head. "Did dad push you off the bed?" I ask and he just laid his head on my thigh.

two shows and an hour later Charlie is removed from my thigh by a newly awake Niall.
"What are you doing with her." He holds Charlie in the air.
"Say you kicked me off the bed so I had no choice." I talked in a baby voice for Charlie.
"He's six years old he doesn't have a baby voice." Niall raises his eyebrows.

"Sorry." I apologize keeping my eyes on the tv.

"What you watching?" Niall sits up to avail himself a view of the tv.

"Celebrity Wife Switch." I say and he looks at me with a stink face. "What? It's interesting."
"Cool." He smiles and sinks down further into the covers.
"You can change it if you want, its your tv."
"I'm fine."

A few episodes later, I began to fall into boredom.
"You can stay here, but I'm gonna go make breakfast. Any request?" I run my hand through my boyfriend's hair
"Waffles with Hershey kisses?"
"You know for somone who bugs their girlfriend about eating healthy, you're not very healthy yourself." I slide out of bed.

"Shut up, I'm hungover."
"Excuses excuses." I shake my head and walk out of the room and into his kitchen with Charlie at my feet.

I pull out Niall's waffle maker and almost trip when I turn around to get the batter. I look down to see the object I had tripped over was white and furry, Charlie. He was looking up at me with sad pleading eyes.

"Yes?" He walked over to the pantry where Niall kept his food and scratched. I happily walked over to to get him some food, yet a big black spider crawled out when I opened the pantry.

"NIALL!" I screamed jumping up on the counter.
"What?" He sleepily walked from his bed room moments later

"Spider." I point to the ground where the Spider sat. Niall gave me a 'are you serious' face. "AHH it moved." I backed up further onto the counter.

Niall lazily walked over to the kitchen and grabbed a paper towel.

"Are you gonna get it?" He ignored me as he bent down to pick up the spider with his paper towel covered thumb and index finger. He picked it up and looked at me. When I thought he was gonna throw it at me, he smushed together between his two fingers.

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