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Hey guys, Bailey Here.
So I was tagged in a book called,

The Fiction Awards 2016
By, thefictionawards

As one can see from the title it is indeed an award/contest book!
Readers can nominate as many books as they wish under the correct category.
Nominating is July 8-29th

Some day I hope to win awards on 'The Beauty and The Jerk', and this is a start.
With that said, it would mean the world to me if you guys nominated me and/ or spread the word!
Please make my life and go nominate me thefictionawards

Under the categories (you don't have to do both)

•Best Fanfiction
•Best of the Undiscovered

Remember you can nominate as many books as you want under the correct category and I sure hope one of those books will be mine!

Please spread this and tell everyone you know!

Love you all

Next Update: Next weekend!👍🏻❤️

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