Chapter Thirty Five

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Kamryn Kelly_____________

"Thank you." I smile taking the foreign bottle from Niall's hand to take a sip.

"You like it?"

No, but whatever.
"Come on, let's find the table where everyone is."

"Okay." I smile and walk along with Niall to the back of the bar where I spotted some familiar faces.

"Hey guys." Niall sits down at the booth making room for me as well.

"Hey bro." the men great.

there were seven men and one girl sitting at the table. I guess the others were actually sitting at the bar or at another table.  Anyway, there were  three familiar players that I knew the name of  Louis, Harry, and Liam. Another brunette boy, I think his name is Hunter was sitting beside Louis. Beside Hunter was a brunette with blue eyes and really broad shoulders. Beside him was another man that I didn't know, he was a ginger with very pale skin as if he were albino. Next to him sat a tan, muscular brunette with wild spiky hair, and at the end of the booth, across from me, was a girl. She had light caramel hair with blonde highlights, not to mention how perfectly straitened it was. She had dark brown ayes and fair skin with three beauty marks decorating her left cheek. Que the insecurities. She made contact with me and smiled, I smiled back but leaned into Niall a bit.

"So let's talk about the game shall we." Niall starts, but I really wasn't interested until a small waiter comes to take our order. His name tag read Mark.

Cool name... Mark.

Niall, as usual orders for me, and i'm fine with that because I did not want to talk and be judged by what I order and/or how I say it. However I did tell the waiter to bring me another beer.

"Alright miss, would you like me to double that. we have a sail two for $4.00?"

"Uhm." I look around ready to say no. "Yes." I fore a smile and let him move on to Harry for his order.

"You okay?" Niall nudges me a bit with his knee.

"Yeah why?"

"You have already had one beer and you just ordered two more."
I just shrug and look away, anywhere but Niall, that girl, and anyone else at this table. Reasons for why i'm being so shy: I'm sitting around a group of boys that probably have boxers worth my entire apartment, this gorgeous girl across from me is...well gorgeous, but most importantly Niall, I know he's worried about me so I refuse eye contact as much as possible so I wouldn't have to explain or fill guilty.

"Here is your all's drinks." Two men came over to our table with all of our drinks. "We will be out with your food soon." Mike said and walked away.

Again, I zoned out of the soccer filled conversation and drank the nasty stinging substance to occupy me. Within fifteen minutes I downed the bottle and reached for the second one.

"Hey, why don't I drink this one." Niall pushed my hand away to grab the beer bottle for himself."

"Why?" I say a bit loud so everyone could here.

"You're tiny and you'll get drunk quick."

"I'm glad you care but I've only had two." I hold up two fingers. He hesitates but eventually gives in.

"Fine, but we're sharing this one." He takes a sip before giving it to me to take one as well only to take it back to set it on the table. I look at the blonde infront of me to see she's on her first beer. I'm a pig.

Oink oink.

I sigh and lean my head on Niall's shoulder until the waiter brings me my chicken tenders.

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