Chapter Fifty Three

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Kamryn Kelly_________________

"Are you pregnant?" Niall's deep angry voice flows through my ear.

"Niall N-"
"I'll be over in ten minutes." After that a steady beep was heard signaling me he had hung up.

I slowly took the phone from my ear.
What the heck. Why does he think I'm pregnant? Does he have a reason for me to be pregnant. Oh, what if he just remembered that he didn't use a condom. Oh crap. I- Kamryn, shut up you're delusional.
He just over reacts and dreams things up.
How ironic

"Who is that?" Hannah asked, probably worried at my distraught state.
"Niall." I say. "He thinks I'm pregnant." I roll my eyes finally coming to realization as to why he would think I'm pregnant.


"Why?" She sits up.
"Louis saw me at the store with your pregnancy test."
"Him and Niall are best friends, he probably told him."
"Oh." She laughs just as a loud knock is heard on the door. The knocking grew harder and faster as I continued to the door.

"Can you not bang on my door." I open the door to a fuming Niall who pushes me out of the way.

"Are you pregnant?
"Why are you smiling? Kamryn this is serious, this is a life."
"Niall stop!" I put my hands on his chest in an attempt to calm him down.

"Kamryn, we aren't ready to parents, I have my soccer career, you're just a coffee house waitress-"

"What's that supposed to mean?"
"One reason out of many why you can't have that child. We aren't married, we don't live together, mine as well as your apartment isn't child proof-"

"NIALL!" I turned around at the sound of Hannah's cream.  Now, tears were streaming down her rosie cheeks. Niall was probably the culprit of those tears. Reason being, some of the things he listed on why I couldn't have a baby certainly applied to her as well.

"Shut the fuck up." Niall snapped and grabbed my shoulder to turn me back around so I was facing him.
"Are you or are you not pregnant? What are you going to do with it?" He says with a deep stern voice scaring me.

I wanted to say no and explain myself, but Hannah being Hannah intervened.

"Oh for fucks sake the pregnancy tests were mine." She pushed Niall's hands off my shoulder.

"I know your dumb ass boy toy told you about the pregnancy tests. Kamryn, like a nice person, went out to the store to get me some tests. I'm pregnant you  ass hole!" She punched him in the shoulder while he just looked at me.

I'm debating on weather this is just Hannah... or her pregnant hormones causing the sudden blow up.

"Next time let her explain rather then interrupting her every time she speaks. That's rude." With that Hannah turns around and waltz back to her room. She may be pregnant but she still has her sass.

"Kamryn." He bites his lip. "I'm sorry." He steps closer to me.
"I just have one question?" I cross my arms and tilt my head.
"If I were pregnant would you want me to get an abortion?" He stairs into my eyes in silence. I took his silence as a yes.

"Well." I step backwards towards Hannah's room. "I'm glad I'm not pregnant." I drop my arms and turn back around to enter Hannah's room.

"Kamryn stop." He shouts. "I don't know if I would make you get an abortion or not."

Niall Horan______________

I starred at Hannah's bedroom door for a few minutes after Kamryn has slammed it.
I snapped out of it and walked towards their front door to call Louis.

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