Chapter Thirty Seven

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In memory of the victims of 9 11❤️❤️

Niall Horan________________

"Tell me what you really did last night!"

"I told you."
"You lied."
"What are you talking about?"
"You're really making me mad."
"Kam I-"
"Don't you 'Kam' me. Hannah saw you."

"She said she saw you and said hey, should I refresh your memory and tell you your response.


Hey Niall." Someone says my name.

"Don't fill like dealing with another girl tonight." I continue my walk without a care. I didn't even look up to check her out.


The girl was Hannah.
You idiot.
Now I know why boys aren't supposed to lie to there girlfriend's.
Because they have eyes everywhere.

"Shit Kamryn."
"What happened with the supposed other girls?"
"I swear nothing happened. This girl came up to me asked if I was Niall Horan I said yes. Then when she was trying to seduce me and crap I made a smart ass comment."

"I approve, now proceed."

"She told me I was rude and you know what I said."


"That's what my girlfriend said."
"Yeah, oh." I reply a bit pissed off.

This is why I've never dated before. Girls always have to keep their boyfriend on a leash. Then again, I made her my girlfriend so I could do the same.

"I'm sorry Niall." She looks down, very ashamed of herself.
"It's okay." I smile, because now I fill bad for making her fill guilty.

I'm an ass... And a sap... I miss the old me.

"Let's just forget about it, yeah?"
"I'll make it up to you!"
"It's alright, let's leave it alone!"

Kamryn Kelly_______________

-3 days later-

"What's wrong with you?" Emily, my younger sister asks me Wednesday morning.

Peyton was still asleep so I was having a nice quiet breakfast to myself. My left elbow was propped up on the table so I could lean my head on it. I had been staring at my cereal for 10 minutes repetitively spinning my spoon around the white substance in the bowl.

"Just thinking."
" 'bout what?"

She came over to sit across from me.

"What about him."
"He has a game tomarro and he really wanted me to be there but I can't. For obvious circumstances."

"So what, just go to the game. Who cares."

That's Emily for you. She's seventeen years old. Yes there's quite of an age difference between the three of us and her. Emily was an accident... oopsie.
And although she's only seventeen she speaks as if she knows everything, without actually knowing anything...

There lies the problem.

"I have to watch Peyton, Em."
"Take her with you."
"I can't do that."
" 'cause, I don't have room for her to stay at my house. Besides, unless the kid shows up at our door with  Girl Scout cookies, Hannah doesn't like kids.

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