Chapter Thirty

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Niall Horan_______________

"You finally realized the obvious dumb fuck!" Louis rolled his eyes.

"I need your help!"
"With what?"
"Helping me create the perfect way to ask Kamryn to date me!"
"You seriously gonna do this?"

I thought for a minute.
Am I really gonna do this.
Do I really care about Kamryn to make her my first girlfriend.

"Yes, I'm seriously gonna do this!"
"Do you have anything in mind?"
"Let's just say I'm coming out with some rhyming skills!"
I came home Sunday and instantly became nervous when I met Kamryn in my home.

Yeah, I forgot, she's dog sitting for me.

"Oh hey you're home." Kamryn smiles putting Charlie's food into the pantry.

"H-hey." I embrace her when she wraps her arms around my waist.

"What's wrong? You seem nervous." She steps back looking up at me.

"No m'fine."
I let go of her walking to my room.

"Well okay, uhm, is everything okay. You know." She follows me but stops in the hallway not entering my room. She never dares to come in here. Why? I don't know.

"You can come in you know." I laugh still nervous.

I mean why would I not be.
I have a big plan to ask this gorgeous girl standing in front of me to be my (first) girlfriend and she doesn't have one clue.
Am I really gonna do this?
Don't back out Niall.

"No I'm fine out here." I wanted to roll my eyes but I was too stiff to be like that.
I lifted my suit case up onto my bed before grabbing my wallet.
I grabbed two twenties and a 10.

"Here Kam." I walked out of my room holding out the money for her to take.

"What's this?"
"For what?"
"Taking care of Charlie."
"Niall, it was no big deal. It's fine!" She panicked refusing my money.
"Kamryn take it."
"No, I can't."

"Take it or I'll shove it down your bra." I snap. "God knows what you girls carry in there."

"Oh." She looks down grabbing the money. "Looks like you need to settle down or take a nap." She mutters. "I'll go."

No no no no no no no no.
She can go, but I don't want her to be mad.

"Hey wait Kam. I'm sorry." I quickly grab her arm. "I'm just still a bit upset. Maybe I am tiered." I lie.

"Okay well, I'll let you sleep." She smiles running her hand through my hair like a baby.

"Are you mad at me?"
"No." She smiles.
"Good, I'll text you tomarow." I lean down for a kiss.
"Have a good nap." She smiles moving away from my lips and leaves.


I shrug it off and walk to my kitchen grabbing pencil and paper to bust out my best rhyme skills.

I've always liked soccer, but you are better.

I erase the scribble and started over.

I like soccer and I also like you.

That's even worse!
I repeat? my previous actions and began again.

Maybe soccer players and coffee makers really work.

I like it.

I again erased all the led and swiped away the pink residue.

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