Chapter Fourty One

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Kamryn Kelly_____________

"So, are you staying at mine or..."
We got home around 8:30 that night after our fun day in the sun.

"I'll go to yours if you give me some clothes to wear." I smile.



"Hold on, let me text Hannah and tell her to watch Pearl."

Niall nodded indicating he heard me. So I pulled out my rose gold iPhone.

Kamryn: Hey, I'm staying with Niall tonight. Watch Pearl for me.

Hannah: Anything special I need to do?

I'm glad Hannah has finally given in. She used to roll her eyes when I gave her specifics on how to take care of pearl. Now she just asks.

Kamryn: Give her some food and sprinkle some cheese on it. Open my door in case she wants in my room. She may sleep with you... so yeah. Kiss her for me.

Hannah: Will do.
Hannah: Don't do anything I wouldn't do😉

Oh of course

Kamryn: No worries.

"All good." I look up with a smile to see Niall parking in front of his apartment complex.

When Niall and I got up to his apartment I went to his hall closet and grabbed a blanket.
"Do you want to watch a movie or are you tired?" Niall questioned after he handed me some black Calvin Klein boxers and a grey t-shirt.

"Thanks." I smile. "Uhm I'm kinda tired." I make my way to the guest bathroom.

"You know you can change in my room." I turned around to see him bouncing on his hills with his hands in his pocket.

Change in his bathroom...
I've been in his bathroom before.
I mean he is my boyfriend.

"Yeah." I smile and walk past him into his big bathroom.

I changed, washed my face, and brushed my teeth before I left his bathroom.

"Woah, Niall." I put my hand on my chest when I meet Niall as soon as I open the white door. "You scared me."

"Will you sleep with me tonight?"
"Like in my bed. You always sleep in your room."

Does he want me to sleep in his bed so he can sleep with me? Like... the horizontal bop...
Or does he just want me to sleep sleep with him... like the dream kind...
I sleep with him on the couch.
What could be different?

"As long as you promise to cuddle." I rap my arms around his toned chest.
"Ugh, okay." He sarcastically rolls his eyes. "I'll be right back."

I let go of Niall and he walked around me to the bathroom. He closed the door leaving me alone... In his room.
I took a once over of the room. He had one of those bedrooms where his bed was surrounded by a huge book case thing with shelves and that. His bed was blue and light blue plaid with huge pillows. In one of the two book cases beside his bed held different soccer trophies, a mini soccer ball, a small radio, and little miscellaneous objects that related to soccer.  The book case on the left side had soccer magazines and pictures. I walked over to get a better look at the pictures. Pictures of him and what I'm guessing to be his mom, his dad. Another was a picture of Niall, Theo and Greg. There was one that showed a team of sweaty boys holding up a number 1 with there fingers, Niall was in the middle holding a big gold trophy. I looked at the above shelf to see many magazines. I slowly picked up one and noticed they were sports magazines, sports magazines with him on the cover. I picked up magazine after magazine to read the articles about Niall. Ones about Niall scoring the winning goal, or just the fact he was the captain, or some were just pictures of him on the field. I had went through about seven articles when I picked up an all too familiar magazine. The one with my face on it, when Niall and I first met. I ran my finger over the magazine material just thinking of how we met. How much of how Niall changed. Who knew.

"You found that." I jumped like a cat in front of a car when I heard Niall behind me.
"Uh yeah." I turn around to face him. "Why did you keep this?"
"Well you're my girlfriend right. Why not keep it."
"I wasn't your girlfriend when It came out." I turn back around to put back all the magazines, all except one.

"I don't know, I just did. I wanted to I guess."
"Why did you want to."
"Are you made at me?"

"No, I just don't understand why you would want to keep something about me when we were practically strangers at the time. That's a bit freaky."

"Well maybe, I just thought you were super hot and I just had to have a picture of you." He smirks.

"Whatever." I laugh putting the magazine up. "Let's go to bed." I walk around the bed.
"That's my side." He stops me.

"Oh." I bite my lip ready to walk back around.

"I'm just kidding he laughs. Just get in the bed." I do as told, and wow this is the comfiest bed in the entire world. I thought the guest room had a comfortable bed.
I look up to Niall to say something accidentally see him drop his towel to put on some boxers.

Well shoot me.

I quickly roll over so I wouldn't get caught when he turned around moments later.
He got in the bed and pulled me closer. I could fill his bare skin. He was only in boxers, no shirt or pants... I could get used to this.
That night I fell into an amazing slumber because next thing I know I wake up really warm from being under so many blankets. Or maybe it was because Niall was squeezing me.

I slowly rolled over to meet Niall's sleeping face. How cute. He looked like a little baby as one of his hands were in a fist.
I put my arm over his side to lightly scratch his back. Pearls loves it when I scratch her back so maybe Niall will too.

"Mmm babe, save the nails for another time." He hums and I pull my hand back as I soon realize what he means. "Morning." He laughs at his own joke.

"Did you sleep good?" I gracefully change the subject.
"Yeah, did you?"
"Yes." I smile.

We lay there in silence just starring at each other until something pops in my head. His birthday.

"Hey guess what?" I smile
"Your birthday is coming up" I smile.
"Don't remind me."
"What are you gonna do?"
"What do you wanna do?"
"Yes. I'll be spending time with you on my birthday.

"No,no,no." I protested. "You are gonna go out and do something with the guys and then you can come to my house this weekend and i'll fix you a birthday diner."

"Mmmm." He smiles at the thought of my cooking I assume. "A birthday dinner."

"And cake. What's your favorite kind of cake?"

"You know my favorite kind of cake." He winks.


"Can I have a coca-cola cake?" He smiles.

"Of course." I smile and he leans over to kiss me.

"Thank you."
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