Chapter Fiftey NIne

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Kamryn Kelly__________

"Niall, is this a prank?" He shook his head. "You're serious?"


"You're ready to share your space with me? No privacy."

"Kamryn." Niall reaches out to grab my hands in his. "I've said it over and over again and I'll continue to say it until you move in with me." He leans over to kiss my head.

Do I want to do this? Am I ready to share a space with him?
Hannah is about to leave.
I've never lived alone.
Niall is begging me.
He's apparently ready for me to move in with him.

"When do you want me to move in." I give in.
Niall's eyes widen in excitement.

Maybe this is a bad decision, maybe it's not, but for the time being I guess I'll be stable.

"As soon as possible, I'll help you pack." He began to walk to my room.

"Niall, go home and take a shower. I have to talk to Hannah about this."

"Why? She's moving too." he shrugs.

"Just go take a shower."

An hour later Hannah and her pregnant self came home.
"Hey." She grabs a banana.
"So guess what."
"So you know how you and Max are buying a house."
"I'm aware, yes." She chuckles
"Well, I'm moving out as well... With Niall." I bring my nails to my teeth to nibble on it.

"Shut the front door!" Her bag falls off her shoulder and she lifts her self up on the island to listen to me.

"I told Niall that you were moving out, and about an hour ago he came and asked me to move in."
"And you're going to?"
"Awww fuck, this is so sad."

"You better quit cussing or your little girl is gonna come out cussing."

"Oh hush, this is gonna be really sad."
"This is the first apartment we both had, and now we're parting our ways and sailing it." She gestures around.

"It's not like you and I wont see each other. When are you and Max moving?"
"Our move in date is April 28th and it's the 19th, so I'm gonna start packing my shit together."

"Hannah, quit swearing." I laugh making her sigh

"I have four things for you."

"1. I am very sorry, 2. I'll try to be good, 3. 1and2 are lies, 4. You can fuck off"


"Let's go pack."

I nodded my head and walked to my room, going to my closet.
To start I pulled out the four overnight bags I had.
I walked over to my drawers to put all my t-shirts along with undergarments, cameos and socks, in one bag. After that bag was full I set it on my bag and grabbed the next one to put in jeans, shorts, and things like that. I threw that bag beside the one on my bed, and picked up my third bag. I folded and put as many shirts in their that could fit and did the same to the third bag. I struggled to take the four bags down to my car and then drove off to Niall's apartment.


"You should have called me, I would have helped you bring your bags." Niall reached for two of my bags when he open the door to me ten minutes later.

"Ehh." I shrug and he leads me into his room.

"Alright look." The two of us set my bags on his bed as he showed me around. "Come to my closet."

Niall took me in to his walk in closet.
I didn't know Niall had a walk in closet.

"You have a walk in closet?"

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