Chapter Thirty Nine

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Kamryn Kelly______________

~3 days later~

Business was slow today. So slow, the five employees, including me, were sitting around on our phones while the old couple have coffee. So as I mentioned, I was on my phone scrolling through Instagram when I got a snap chat from Niall.

I immediately clicked on the notification.

It was a picture of him and Charlie sitting on the couch captioned:

What are you doing?

I replied with a picture of the vacant cafe with a caption of,


He sent back a selfie with the filter that put the gold things on his head and needless to say he looked hot!
His little stubble on his chin was so cute.
Once I got over the fact that I had the hottest boyfriend in the world, I paid attention to the caption witch said

Are you doing anything on Friday?

Confused, I took a picture of the old couple having coffee and asked

I don't know, probably not. Why?

He sent back a picture of his feet and said.

My cousin Deo invited us to go to the lake with him and his girlfriend Jenny.

He wants to take me to the lake?

I shrugged and sent him another picture of me crossing my eyes and said.

And I'm invited?

He didn't answer until 10 minutes later witch was a mirror picture of him shirtless with only a towel on.

Well of course

It said.

I sent him 'really' look and said

Only girls take mirror selfies.

Only to receive another one saying

Come on baby, you knew you wanted to see my abs.

I laughed and sent back

What abs?

Next he just sent back a smile saying

You're gonna get it.

Done with this conversation I changed it to our previous one.

But did they invite me?

This time it was a mirror selfie of him flexing his muscle saying.

Well of course Kam😊

I sent him a smile

Well I'd love to go

He sent meh a picture of him holding up Charlie in front of the mirror with one hand as if Charlie was showing abs.


I told him I had to go back to work and I'd come to his after work.

"Hey babe." Niall leaned over the console to kiss me when I met him at his car Friday morning.

He told me he would walk up and get me. He still refused when I told him no so I just made sure I was already down stairs when he arrived.


"Hi." I smile." So what lake are we going to?"

"Cascade lake." He put his key into the ignition and sped off.

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