The Fanfiction Awards

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Hey guys, I promise there will be an update later on today, but I just got back from the doctor with strep throat. oops

Anyhow, I've been nominated for The Fanfiction awards in the categorys of The Best Niall Fanfiction and The Best Overall Fan Account on Wattpad.

It would mean the world to me if you went on over to @thefanfictionawards and clicked on the 'The Fanfiction Awards 2017' and voted for me in either category. This book has already had so much success and I'm so very thankful for everything. Winning an award is such a big goal I'm shooting for so it would be amazing if this book got an award! So please vote for me and I will love you forever (even more then I already do)

All you have to do is comment my name and The Beauty and The Jerk next to the category, Best Niall Fanfiction and/or Best Overall Fan Account.

I would like to think @niaill @Maryholden1D and @Emilyxp for entering me in the contest in the first place.

NOTE: You can't vote for the same book more then once in a category, otherwise the vote will not count.

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