Chapter Seventeen

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I'm really sorry that this is being published on a Sunday :(

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Niall Horan______________

We broke apart when the next thunder sounded. Not because she screamed, but because we couldn't breath. I was flabbergasted and out of words.

"It's storming." She laughs.

"I know come on." I took off my shirt and put it over her head covering her naked arms. We ran as quick as we could to the pit and I took her to my car ignoring her protests about her own car.

When we got home I got her a sweat shirt from my room.

"Here get out of that."


"You're wearing denim, and you're wet. You've obviously got to be uncomfortable, and I'm not letting you get my apartment wet either."

"Oh." She looks down at the sweatshirt.

"What's the matter?"

"Niall I don't have pants on."

"What do you mean."

"Niall this is a one peace. If I take this off I'll be in my underwear. "I smirk getting ready to make a dirty remark but decided against it.

"Right, hold on."
This time I brought back some baggy shorts. "Here."

"Thanks, I'll be back."
I sat on the couch and browsed through Instagram waiting on her to come back.
When I heard her footsteps I looked up to see my shorts completely swallowed her legs. She was holding them up so they wouldn't fall down. The sight was priceless.

"This is not funny!" She pouts.

"You need something with a tighter elastic." I go back to my room getting something she just might remember.
"Remember these?" I smirk holding up the boxers she wore when she cooked for me.

"Yes." She put her head down and grabbed them as she walked by.

"This is better." She smiles coming out of the bathroom once again.

"Good, uhm I'm gonna go take a shower. You can just chill." I shrugged handing her the tv remote.

When I came out of the shower Kamryn was on the couch watching some house show.

"What are you watching," I ruffle my wet hair walking her way.

"Love it or list it."

"What's that about?"

"A women re-models a house and a man tries to find a house for a family the family has to decide weather they want to live in there new house or list there current house."

I rolled my eyes not understanding the concept at all.

"Want some lunch?" I ask.

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