Chapter Fourty Four

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Kamryn Kelly_______________

It was Halloween and  currently Niall and I were at his house watching some kind of football game while we wait for kids to knock on his door. Except we weren't actually watching the game. The two of us were glued to the screen of our phones. Oops.
I was on Pinterest looking at Christmas stuff while Niall was doing who knows what.

When a knock was heard from the door I nudged Niall.

"Go get the door."

Yep, that's how it's been. I've been answering the door while Niall continues to lay on the couch. He says, and I quote "Kids scare me, especially when they are dressed up in costumes"

And then I'm thinking... Theo.

I knew it was just an excuse not to get off the couch anyway.

"No." he wines
"Will you at least go with me?" I stand up and grab his hand.
"Ugh." He throws his head back in annoyance but got up nonetheless.

"Trick or treat." A little boy dressed as batman and a girl dressed as Elsa said in unison with smiles up to the moon.

"Here you go." I smile letting them pick out some candy from the green plastic bowl.

"Thank you." They cheered and walked away.

I loved this because nobody comes to my apartment door. So originally I thought just no one trick or treated in apartments but when Niall mentioned people come to his doors I flipped.

"Don't you love this?" I asked after closing the door and setting the candy down.

"I don't see what's so fun about going around door to door asking strangers for candy. Uhm hello. Stranger danger." He grabbed my face to kiss me. "This is much better and safer."

"Did you ever go trick or treating as a child?"

"Well yeah." He shrugs.
"Did you like it?"
"I guess." He shrugs again. "I've just grown out of it, you're still a little kid." He runs his hands through my hair messing it up. The doorbell rang again.

"Go." I pushed him to the door and this time he obeyed.

"Trick or treat, give me something good to eat." The kids cheered.
"Here's some candy." Niall bent down to Cinderella, Bell, and Sleeping Buety's level. The girls excitedly grabbed a peice of cany, one each.

"Do you want more? You can have more then one." He offered making me smile.

The three girls took more and moved on but before Niall could close the door another boy came to his door dressed as spider man.

"Trick or Treat, I'm spider man."

"Hey little man." Niall greeted still crouched down to his level. "Take some candy, it's good for your spidey senses."

Although I couldn't see Niall's face I could hear the smile through his voice.

"Thank you." The little boy left and again before Niall could shut the door another kid was at his door.

"Trick or treat." I heard for the billionth time.

"Cool costume." Niall said with a voice filled with excitement. "Do you know who I am?"

Really Niall? Are you seriously asking a kid if they know who you are?
I went to the door to scold him by pulling the back off his hair. I stopped when I saw a boy who looked to be around the age of 7 or 8 dressed up in soccer gear with a bag shaped like a soccer ball.

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