Chapter Two

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Kamryn Kelly_______________

"Ah hello, welcome to  my lovely home. This is the dinning room, over here is the kitchen, there is the lounge over their." Niall sarcastically greeted me the following day.

"Can I change somewhere?" I hold up my shorts."

"Those are not booty shorts." His mood changes and he gave me the dumbest look in humanity.

"What? These are the shortest shorts I have." They're baby blue with white vertical striped pajama shorts that came just below the butt.

"I doubt those even show the butt cheek."

"Well." I smile thinking I could get out of this. "Guess I can't do it see yuh."

"No not so fast." He grunted and mumbled "I bought a sports bra I didn't know I would have to get you shorts as well,"
I don't think he meant for me to here but I did. He walked off and came back a few seconds later with a sports bra and...

"Those are your boxers." My jaw drops.

"Yep, this will be so much more sexier then booty shorts."

"I'm leaving"

"I told you it was this or a blow job."

"So I'll never see you again, you can't make me!" I proceed to the door.

"I'm Niall Horan, I can make anyone do anything. I could get security guards to come to your House and bring you to me."

"You wouldn't." I turned around crossing my arms.

"Done it before."

"Dum cocky rich jerk!" I stomp over grabbing the bra and boxers.

I nearly passed out when I saw his bathroom. This was not at all what I expected a soccer player's bathroom would look like. The walls were a baby blue and the tile was a light almost tan brownish. A nice long counter/sink aligned the wall to the left as you walk in. The counter color matched the floor but the cabinets were white with silver sleek handles. Above that was a nice, probably million dollar, circle mirror outlined in black. Two lights on either side of the Mirror and three in the ceiling. Behind me was the toilet. Not like a toilet I've ever seen before. It didn't have a flusher. There were two buttons on the back of the toilet that read 'small flush' and 'large flush'. What the heck is this, this was only the hall bathroom and I could probably liv here! I can only imagine was his personal bathroom looks like. Needless to say I avoided touching anything as much as possible.

"Ah." He holds up his hand to make an 'ok' sign when I come out of the bathroom. "Very nice."

"Whatever what do you want to eat?"

Why am I even doing this?

"Pasta" he likes his lips "and lots of it"

"Whatever you like, I'll even be sure to add my secret ingredient." I roll my eyes.

"Ooh and what would that be?" He smiles.

Kamryn Elizabeth where is this coming from?

"Nothing, be quite and watch tv."

"I'd rather watch you, that's the point.

Ignoring his answer I lightly walked over to the kitchen before rummaging through the cabinets to find things such as silver ware, ingredients,cups, fancy crap yada yada yada.

"Hey where are your plates?" I roll my eyes.

"Above the sink and to the left." He directed. After that I found the pasta ingredients and began my cooking feeling his eyes on me the entire time.

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