Chapter Six

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Kamryn Kelly______________

"Hey." I smile taking off my jacket to hang it by the door.

"Where yuh been." Hannah throws a peanut up and catches it her mouth.

"Returned the jacket back, or tried to anyway." I dropped down beside her on the couch taking a peanut for myself.

"Oooooh what happened." She smiles sitting up to face me.

"Ehh nothing special."

"Oh shut up and tell me about it."

"I went to his apartment got yelled at by a grouchy women! Went to the field, ran into a big creepy muscular man, ended up running and doing push-ups,  Niall ran with me also gave me water and asked me to hang out, said no, he called us fr-"

"Wait what!" She spits a peanut out.
"He asked you to hang out?"


"Why did you say no? He's hot, muscular, and rich! Why not?"

"It's not like that." I glare. "He's mean, cocky, and a jerk!"

"Oh please you've cheered for him at a game then went on a walk with him! He gave you his jacket and water. That doesn't sound like a jerk to me."

"But he is one." I whisper. "He's a horrible cocky jerk who doesn't care about anything but his money. He's so aggravating he's nice to me one minute but the other he is just a complete ars. He made fun of me the entire time in the locker room, he then put me in a cab before threatening to drop me on my butt. Then he makes me cook dinner for him half naked but invited me to his party with his play boys then-"

"Kammy." Hannah stops me


"Play boy is a magazine."

"Okay." I shrug.

"With naked girls in it."

"Oh." My eyes widen.

"Carry on." She smirks grabbing another peanut.

"Anyway he takes care of me while I'm drunk and then comes to my job probably making fun of me in his head." I'm now full out ranting to Hannah."but he invited me to his game to cheer for him. I don't know why I did that. I'm a complete idiot! Then my naïve self takes him on a walk and he gives me his jacket. I try to show him how to be nice but all he does is say his money is too good! That's so rude! I hate it! Then he throws a jacket at me with 200 flipping dollars in it. When I try to return it to him he ignore me but then ends up running with me and pouring water in my mouth. Ugh he's so aggravating!"

"Oh my god." Hannah gasps.


"You like him."

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do! He drives you crazy, but you still love the things he does for you."

"No, just because his blonde hair with brunette roots look so good in a spiky thingy, I don't even know why but it does. The way he has to look down at me with his baby blue eyes because hes much taller then me. His looks are so hot but his personality is so annoying and mean!" My hands pull at my roots. "What?" I ask when Hannah rolls her eyes and shrinks into the couch.

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