Chapter Twenty Nine

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SO! I'm sure you all are very confused. Earlier this week I accidentally published chapter 29. It was unfinished so I quickly unpublished it.
That explains why there was no 29 and why it kept taking to to Chapter 1.
No need to freak out!

Also, please do not expect an update next weekend. I'll be out of town all week and will not be writing. Sorry :(

Niall Horan________________

"What kind of ice cream you want?" I ask Kamryn when I pull into the drive through.

"Cookie doe!" She gives me a big smile.

"Hello welcome to Dairy Queen, what would you like today?"

"Can I have one medium cookie doe blizzard and one large Oreo blizzard."

"Will that be all?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Your total is $7. 08. Please drive around."

The speaker beeps signaling the girl had left, so I put the car in drive and slowly move forward aware of the car in front of me.

"How much was mine?"
I look at Kamryn pulling a wad of cash from her back pocket.

"Uhm, zero dollars and zero cents." I joke proceeding on a bit. "When are you going to realize I'm never gonna let you pay so quit bringing money." I shake my head finally driving up to the window.

"Cookie doe and Oreo blizzards?" The blonde teenager confirms our order.


I hand her the money.

"Would you like a drink holder?"
"No thank you." She nods finally handing me our blizzards.

"Thank you."
"Thank you come again."
She finishes and I drive away handing Kam her blizzard.

"Thanks Niall."
"Yep." We drive in silence until I get to red light and look over at her.
Devouring her cold beverage.

"Is it good?" I laugh.
"Amazing!" She smiles.

The light turns green and I move on.
"Are you coming to mine or do you want me to drop you off?"

"Ehh, I don't have any clothes at your house and I don't fill like going up to my apartment and coming back down. So just drop me off." She shrugs dipping her spoon in the ice cream.

You could keep clothes at my apartment if you were my girlfriend.


Wait what the fuck?



I take a right turn that makes our journey's home different.
A few minutes later I'm pulled over onto the curb and un buckled my seat belt.

"Niall, stay in the car for once."


"Well I was gonna walk you up to your apartment."

"And kiss me on my door step?" She jokes. "You're not my boyfriend you don't have to do that every time you drop me off."


"Okay." She blows me a kiss and hops out of the car.
I wait until she walks through the apartment building before I drive off.

'You're not my boyfriend'

I'm not.
I'm acting like one for her.
I'm not a boyfriend, I don't date!
I put the car in drive and start back to my house.

Not your boyfriend!
Not my girlfriend!
Not your boyfriend!
Not my girlfriend!

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