Chapter Sixtey Five

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Niall Horan___________________

The week had come, Kamryn and I had agreed to meet at a little lunch place where she now lived. She offered to drive here, but I wasn't going to allow that to happen. This was also the week I had Jaxson, joyful. So that will be another thing I'll have to explain.

"Alright Jax, come here."

Jackson has on some black sweatpants to match his black short sleeves drummer boy shirt.
I grabbed his black baby gap converse and slipped them on his little feet after putting on tiny sox.

"And we're off."

I picked him up and left the guest room witch was now dedicated to him painted with blue. He has a wooden crib with a matching changing table some drawers that contained his clothes and had his night light sitting on top. A rocking chair sat to the left of the crib besides a rug of toys such as play cars, teddy bears, some toys he can chew on, baby wooden puzzles, and an annoying ass play set that made noise Monica had brought me.

I packed a little back pack that had Spiderman on it with diapers, wipes, a toy, his blanket  some goldfish and puffs. I fixed him a cup of water, grabbed my keys letting him play with them for the time being and finally left my apartment.

Kamryn Kelly_____________

I walked into Little Burgers and immediately spotted Niall sitting in a booth widow seat. However I had to look twice because beside him was a brown haired smiling little boy. Niall was feeding the little boy small pieces of French fries from his plate.

I slowly walked towards the two and Niall soon caught my eye. He jumped.

"Hey Kamryn." He sat up and changed his composure completely.

"Hi." I muttered joining him at the booth. "Are you baby sitting?"

"Well kinda, kinda not." He bites his lip looking away.

"What do you mean by kinda, and please tell me you have fed him more then fries!"

"He has some puffs in his back pack he's just had a few." He rolled his eyes.

"So are you baby sitting?"

"Well. " he paused "Kamryn meet Remington Horan. Also know as Jaxson." He smiles and my eyes widen.

Remington Horan

"H-he's your son?"My voice cracks a bit at the end.

"Yes, Remi say Hi." Niall looked down at the two year old, but all he did was hide his head in Niall's chest. I wish I could hide my head in Niall's chest.

"He's a bit shy."

Every time Niall looked at that or talked about that child he had a jubilant smile on his face. It was clear he was proud to have Remington as a son. Would he want another one?
Could he handle two kids? Two baby mamas? Two different custody agreements.

"Kamryn." Niall said getting my attention. "What was it you wanted to talk about?"

"Uh." I stutter "You know what, never mind." I quickly slide out of the booth and quickly walked out with my head down.

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