Chapter Five

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Kamryn Kelly_____________

A week later I drove to Niall's apartment to give him his jacket back. I didn't want it. The two hundred dollars were also in the pocket. I don't need his jacket or his money.

"Niall!" I knock on his door for the fifth time. "Niall?" My knuckles are getting red from banging on the door.

"Would you quit banging on that door!" A lady came out from another apartment across from Niall's. "If they don't answer the first time they are probably not gonna answer the other billion times you knock!" She grumpily shuts, well more like slams, her door again.

After that I put my ear against the cold door to see if I could hear anything. No tv, music, or anything.

Maybe he's at the field.
So I left the high end apartment building and drove to the stadium. Once I parked I instantly started looking for Niall. I knew he was here because the closer I got to the field the more noise there was.

When I got to the play they usually check your tickets I found a big tuff broad man.

"Uhm excuse me sir." I tap his shoulder.

"Yes." He turns around, a very deep voice filled with intimidation.

"Uhm, a-are you Uhm. The uhm. Do you have access to the soccer team?"

"That depends what do you need." He crossed his arms.

"I-I uhm need to give the captain this. It's his." My voice shakes as my body does the same.

"Wait you're the one that Horan brought into the locker room."

"Yeah sorry about that! It was inappropriate and I promise it will never happen again! That's why I need you to give this to him." I shove the jacket to him again.

"Oh no I'm sure you miss him, I'll let you give it to him yourself."

Did I say his voice was filled with intimidation. Let me add sarcasm to that.

"Oh no that's- oh okay." He pushes me in front of him until we eventually get to the field. There were sweaty hot bodies all over the field doing different things with balls. Soccer balls that is.

"HORAN!" He calls.
I spot Niall as he turned around with an amused face that quickly turned to confusion. "YOUR LRL IS HERE!"

LRL what does that stand for.

Niall Horan_______________

HORAN!" I turn around when coach calls, but only to spot Kamryn standing right beside him.

What the fuck?

"YOUR LRL IS HERE!" He continued.

Locker room lady, ridiculous coach, ridiculous. Having no choice I started to jog towards them.

"What's up?" I breath heavily.

"Here!" She throws my jacket and bolts in the other direction.

"Ah not so fast!" Coach Taylor stops her.

"Let me do something nice for once in my life." I smirk and throw the jacket at her before running off to return to what I was doing.

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