Chapter Fourty Five

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Niall Horan______________

"So Niall darling, I know you and Kamryn have been together for about 3 months, but how long did you two know each other before?"

I was currently sitting with Kamryn's family in the kitchen eating breakfast. Sadly, Kam was oddly on the couch still asleep.

"Uhm, we knew each other for a couple months then I went off on soccer trips and then January we met up again and now we are here." I smiled thinking about all our memories.

"You left?" Kamryn's dad catches my attention. "Is this gonna be a regular thing during the relationship?"

"Well, my occupation does require traveling, but I'm hoping Kamryn will come along on some trips."

"Now exactly what is your job?"

"I'm a player on the USMNT." I cleared my throat.

"Oh." Emily jumped. "You're rich. Can't wait for Christmas."

"Emily." Kamryn's mom snapped. "He will not be getting you a present. Go wake up your sister."

Emily obeyed and pushed her chair back admitting a creaky sound as the chair scraped the tile, to go wake Kamryn.

"I'm sorry about her. She's a bit, immature."

"It's fine." I put up a hand laughing a bit.

"There she is." Kamryn's dad announced Kam's sleepy appearance.
Her face was pale- the normal pigment when she woke up. Peices of hair had escaped her, now, loose pony tale. She had on orange pajama shorts and an oversized  shirt that had a turnkey on it. Kam walked over to me to sit on my lap. My hands found there way on her arms to rub them up and down.

"Hey sleepy head." Her mom kissed her head.

"You could have woke me up."
"Ehh, didn't want to wake the beast." Her Dad teased.

"Hey babe, why'd you sleep down here?" I questioned.

"Because someone fat pushed me out of the bed in their sleep." She crossed her arms.

Oh... I tried to tell her that twin bed of hers couldn't fit two people.

"Oh, Sorry 'bout that."

It's your fault though
Just kidding
It kinda is
But we won't talk about that.
Shut up Niall.

When the clock struck 4:00 the doorbell sounded. Kamryn's sister Ally and her family had arrived. Kamryn and I made our way down stairs to greet them.

Laura, Kamryn's mom was hugging who I knew to be Peyton while Ally and her husband, unstrapped an infant from it's carriage.
Kamryn and myself were standing at the bottom of the steps. I believe Kam was waiting for the chaos to settle down before introducing me. If I'm being honest I really didn't want the attention on me. I'd be lieing if I didn't say I was a little frietend.

"Hey Ally have you met Kamryn's boyfriend?" Emily points to me.

Leave it to Emily to grab the family's attention.

"No, but I've heard about him." Ally smiles coming over to us with the infant in her hands.

Oh god, what do I say?

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