Chapter Sixty two

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Kamryn Kelly_____________

"Luna." I groan as I watch Luna pee yet again on our rug. "Bad dog!" I scold standing up to get a paper towel to clean up the puddle of pee.

Niall had been away for two months, and training Luna was the hardest thing I've done in my life. She doesn't listen, she barks at everything, she won't use her pee pad, I've thrown away at least ten pairs of sox after buying her toy after toy.

I'm never having kids

Speaking of kids, a knock sounde at my door signaling Hannah and Max were here.

"Come in." I shout.

"Hey girl." Hannah waddles over to the couch with a tub of cantaloupe.

I had asked Hannah to come over for dinner because in all honesty I was really lonely despite Pearl, Charlie, and Luna's mischievous behavior 

"Luna just peed on the carpet." I sigh

"Training hasn't got any better?" Hannah asks.

"Nope." I throw the smelly paper towel in the garbage and washed my hands.

"Cantaloupe." Hannah offered, gesturing to her tub but I kindly denied. "Fine, more for me."

"Are you feeling better?" She asks.

"Ehh, I'm still throwing up in the mornings." I trail off.


"Hannah leave it." I put my finger up, not wanting to talk about it.

"Fine, fine." She puts her hands up in defense.

"How are you and your baby doing?" I smile changing the subject.

"We're good."
"Any names?"
"We like Marley, Grace, or Emma." Her smile brightens like the Cheshire Cat.


"Actually I'm gonna have a baby shower next Saturday at 3:00, you're obviously invited."

"Oh, who all is coming?" I smile. "Do you want me to bring anything extra, food wise.

"Well." She hesitates. "You know, my mom and dad, Haley. Max's parents." She lists. "And you don't need to bring anything"


"Oh hey Max." I smile when I run into Max on my way up to Hannah and Max's new apartment.  He had a bag of groceries that I guess to by for the baby shower.

"Do you like the new apartment m?" I ask Max trying to make conversations as we make our way to their apartment.

"Yeah, I guess so just getting ready for Marley."

"Oh so you finally picked a name."  Cheer

"Yeah it's kin-" Max pauses after opening the door.

"What's wron-" I jokingly push my his only to see...

Niall only is shorts, but Hannah was holding his shirt.

If felt like a knife had went straight through my chest. Twisted with salt in the wound. I didn't know what to do! I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I didn't want to believe.

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