ABEL POV.............................................

its like 4 some in the morning and i was up writing some lyrics for a song called what you need. I heard the door bell. i dropped my pen got up and stretched ugghh who could this be at my door at ungodly hours.  I walked over to my door and looked through the peep hole but her back was face towards me. I opened the door  and i was appalled at what I was looking at.

''OMG CARA WHO DID THIS TO YOU ARE YOU OK.'' I said pulling her into a tight hug. all my anger towards her was gone.  she hugged me back and buried her face in my chest. i could feel her tears seep through my shirt. i just stood there hugging her rubbing her back trying to comfort her.

she stop crying and i asked her again who caused her that nasty black eye.

''it was Jeremy'' she whispered 

''oh hell naw cara  I'll be back'' i said walking in going to get my keys and shoes.  she grabbed my arm before i could walk out the door. ''please no Abel'' she pleaded

''Cara seriously no this guy needs to be taught a lesson. who would hit a lady. a pregnant lady at that..... IS THE BABY OK. WE GOT TO GET YOU TO THE HOSPITAL.''I said picking her up bridal style

''Abel put me down I'm ok he hit my face not my stomach I'm good i just want to sleep. can i please do that'' i look at her and contemplated but i finally put her down ''ok fine'' 

''I'm going to go take a shower ok?'' she said walking towards the bathroom. i waited till i heard the water turn on. i snuck out and went to cara's house.

i parked my car on the side of the road and walked up to the door. i knocked on it. i was waiting for him to open it up with all this rage and anger building up in me.

a minute later he opened it up i could tell he was drunk. ''W....what are you d..doing here came for round 2'' he said taking a step outside and closing the door behind. as soon as he walked towards me I swung on him real hard using all my weight and force. he lost his balance and fell on the ground. he was out cold I kicked him a few times and ran back to my car and left the scene.

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