CARA POV.........................

I literally have no clue what to do with me and Abel's relationship like do i forgive him and pray that he doesn't do it again. or do i leave him alone for good and just be friends with him for bri's sake. why he have to mess up things. like omg what do i do you guys i seriously need your help. idk can we make this work.

Abel pov....................

I'm sitting with drake at his crib giving him all the info on whats going on and he just shaking his head.

''drizzy man i know i f'ed up but what to do how can i show Cara she can trust me again"

''give her you passwords?"

"no seriously"

''idk man you made your bed now you gotta go lay in it. show her you can be trusted by not doing sneaky things laying off the drugs making sure you not coming home all time of the nights. if you really love her like you say you do then drop all them hoes and yo bad habits. just man up and be there for her and bri."

''you right i got to go man i holla at you later'' i left his crib and raced back to mines what he said was true I'm willing to give any and every thing up just to be with my family. why loose a good girl over a hoe.

i open up the door and ran in yelling her name "CARA YOU HERE!" but nothing she was gone so i grabbed my phone and i called her she answered a few rings after

"cara baby where you at"

"well hello to yo too"

''oh yeah hey where you and bri at.

"bri is at my mom's house and I'm..... well I'm out"

"so you not gone tell me where you at" i was starting to get annoyed

"nah" then she hung up on me which was rude but whatever fuck her i went to my cabinet and pulled out some weed and got high

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