ABEL POV...............

''hey good morning baby'' i kissed cara on the cheek she was sitting at the kitchen island drinking water and taking her vitamins

''morning'' she gave me this weak smile

''what's wrong bae''

''the baby is almost here and we haven't even came up with a name for our baby girl. Abel and her room isn't done."

''you're right we'll go shopping and remember my dream i told you bout''

''yea well i came up with a pretty decent name in it you wanna hear it''

''of course babe''

''alright its Abrielle carabell tesfaye'' her eyes got really wide

"omg its beautiful i love it'' she looked down and started rubbing her belly

''hey baby you like your new name huh abrielle'' she said talking down to her stomach she looked up to me ''she likes it i felt her move see'' i put my hand on her stomach. i cant wait for her to get here

me and cara was going shopping this should be fun. we went to baby stores surprisingly the papps wasn't that bad today. there was a few that got my picture with cara.. they asked questions and i didn't answer like usual. we got home and fixed the room up. the room was white so we bought like wall stickers and pictures so the room wouldn't be boring we put up the crib and the room was almost done we just had to get a little bit more furniture. 

cara was in the living room watching TV and i was on the lap top looking at all the gossip about me but something caught my eye it was big and bold


oh hell naw. they got pics of her and Jeremy holding hands and kissing. "CARA FUCK YOU'' i said as i walk where she was

"what are you talking about calm down''

''NO WHAT IS THIS'' i showed her the pics and she just shook her head ''honestly its nothing he wanted to apologize he grab my hand when he was saying sorry that was nothing. than he walked me to the car he kissed  me and i pushed him away it was  nothing that's why i didn't tell you about it"

''what ever that's all you do is cheat. I should of known you would cheat on me too''

''calm down its honestly nothing. Abel please just calm down don't leave me and our child''

''don't try to use this baby to make me stay I'm out don't wait up on me'' i walked out and called Tara up i was gone take her up on her offer

Weeks later..............

Me and cara's relationship hasn't been that great since i saw that pic of her kissing Jeremy. knowing that she kissed him made me feel less guilty on cheating on her it was my excuse to fuck Tara

i was going balls deep in Tara when my phone rang. ''shhhh'' i told Tara when i seen cara was calling

''omg Abel where are you'' she sounded like she was in pain

''I'm driving around what's wrong are you ok'' Tara was starting to kiss on me i had to push her way i got up and started putting on my clothes

''the baby is coming hurry I'm at the hospital already''

''alright I'm on my way'' 

Tara got up ''awwww you got to go''

''yea and uhhh we cant continue this'' i kissed her and tried to walk out the door

''see you next Thursday'' she giggled i just shook my head and left

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