"oh well if it isn't the weeknd i didn't think i would be seeing you this soon"

"uhhhh yea well it was nice seeing you but I got to go" I said nervously. I'm not gone lie Tara was looking kind of good but that doesn't matter right now.

''aww ok'' she grabbed my hand and took a pen out of her pocket and wrote down her number ''call me when you want to have some banging outrageous kinky meaningless sex" she winked at me and walked away that sounds so tempting i don't know why but i saved her number. I walked around for a few more hours and i went back home to Cara

"CARA BABY WHERE YOU AT" i yelled running in the house looking for her 

"I'm in the room" she yelled back I walked in there and she was in the closet i turned her around and planted a kiss on her 

'' uhh what was that for" 

''don't worry bout it''



''what's going on with you ever since the club you been acting weird. I'm pregnant not stupid" i looked at her and i was trying to gather my thoughts

''its nothing i had some lean. then when i came home i had a horrible dream that you died from the pregnancy and then i died." she came up and hugged me "babe it was just a dream'' she kissed me on the cheeks and wobbled out of the room. she could pop any second she's so big.

i took a step out on the balcony and rolled at blunt and was smoking it. I got my phone out i looked at Tara's number and decided if i wanted to text her but i decided not too. i put my phone away. as soon as i did cara came peeped out "hey babe I'll be back" i nodded my head and she left

Tara pov...............................

sooo Jeremy called me and wanted to know if i wanted to have lunch with him. for some odd reason i agreed. i roll up to the restaurant i went out and he was sitting down when he saw me his face lit up.

''hey" i said dryly i sat down and rested one hand on my belly and the other on the table

''how you doing"

"I'm good what's the point of me being here"

"umm" he grabbed my hand. for some reason i didn't pull back. "I've been thinking about how i treated you the last time i saw you and i just want to say I'm so sorry. if i could take it back i would please forgive. i still love you" 

"uhhhh i mean its what ever. I'm good now so it doesn't matter"

"I'm really sorry."

''yea well lets eat I'm hungry" 

we ate and had meaningless conversations the food was the best part about this little get together i started to pull my money out of my wallet 

"here i got the bill and let me walk you to your car.''  Jeremy insisted i didn't turn him down. he paid for our meal and we got to my car ''well it was nice seeing you cara i hope we keep in touch''

''yea i agree'' he pulled me into a hug oh my gawd he smelled amazing. that hug made me feel warm inside i wanted to last a little longer. we let go from our embrace and looked each other deep in the eyes i don't know how but some how we ended up kissing. 

i pushed him away  ''i cant do this I'm with Abel sorry i gotta go.'' i hurried and got in my car and drove off not looking back at Jeremy

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