Abel pov...........................

As soon as drake closed the door I got up and went into the kitchen she was still putting up the stuff I brought. ''Cara'' she stopped and turned around to face me she gave me a cute little smile ''yes'' 

''We need to talk when you are done putting the stuff. I'll be in my room ok''

''yes'' she said turning around to finish up with the stuff. I went into my room and took my clothes off I only had my boxers on i got under the sheets and waited for her. she came in 3 mins later and got under the sheets too. I got closer to here and wrapped her in my arms

''so what exactly happen Cara''

''do i have to tell you ughhhh''

''yes. I want to know why he would do this to you'' she didn't say anything for a minute she took a deep breath and let the words roll of her tongue .

''ok so I called him and I told him the results of the DNA test he didn't like it so he hung up on me. than he didn't come home until 3 but he had some random girl with him that he was gone sleep with in our house. OUR HOUSE! can you believe that any ways  I say some nasty things to him and BAM he hit me soo yea''

''wow that's mess........... wait you said you got the results and he didn't like it'' I said as I came to the realization that baby is mines she laughed at me cause how long it took me to realize what she said

''yes its yours'' she said confirming it I was so happy I could feel a tear forming in my eye

''Cara what does this mean for us?''

''I'm yours baby after everything that's happen I've realized that we belong together and Jeremy made me realize that even more." oh crap I just got more happier I told y'all niggas she was gone be mine

''and I'm yours babe'' i said wrapping my arms around her even tighter we just laid there in silence.

"Abel" she said breaking the silence


''I'm sorry''

''For what?''

''For calling you while me and Jeremy was having sex that was really mess up and I just have to get that of my chest."

''it's ok I'm sorry too I shouldn't have said that lie lets just put that behind us cause girl cant nobody compete with your sex lol. 

''Oh really? cause I've been feening for you to be inside me.''

When she said that. I had to give her what she wanted. so we ended up making love. man let me tell you pregnant woman sex is the best sex I have ever had.

THE NEXT DAY..........................

I woke up with a smile on my face cause I got  the girl of my dreams. she was facing towards me. snoring quietly it was so cute I watched her sleep for a min than I got up trying to not wake her up. I went to take a piss. 

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