DOCTOR POV........

The monitors was going off the team of nurses and residents came rushing in to save this woman. She was flat lining and we needed to save her so she could be with her family. 

"alright try chest compression" one of the residents started  compressing her chest it didnt really help i seen that there was some electrical activity so i decided we should use a defibrillator. 

''alright guys get the defibrillator" they got the machine out and started getting it ready alright charge!

they shocked her 3 more times but nothing she completely flat lined "alright I'll call it time of death 12:00 pm" I took my gloves off and  went into the hallway where Mr.tesfaye was to give him the bad news "Mr.tesfaye I'm sorry she didn't make it"

Abels pov...................

my heart just sunk to my stomach i couldn't quite fathom what the doctor told me. I broke down crying. I had to get out of this hospital. I wasn't thinking my feet just started moving and I didn't know where i was going but it was away from this hospital. I could barely see because of my tears. I ended up in my car and I just turned on the car and pulled out the parking lot fast. not paying attention i ran a red light. I saw this bus coming straight towards me and Boom!

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