CARA POV......................

I knocked on the door ''ABEL OPEN UP!!!!!'' 30 secs later a shirtless Abel opened up the door. he was looking sexy all he had on was dark grey sweat pants. ''Hey you ready to cook me some breakfast babe'' 

''yes i am'' i gave him a kiss on the cheek and went to the bathroom to wash my hands i went to his fridge and got the stuff to make breakfast. ''so how you holding up'' Abel said as he went and sat at the island and watch me  cook.

''I'm good I guess. Cant really cry over spilled milk you know. I did a horrible thing and now I have to deal with the consequences you know'' 

''mmmmhm so what's up with us like I feel like you know that i want to be with you but I have no clue how you feel about me''

''ummm I mean like I got feelings for you there is no doubt about that but right now I just want to be friends with you. I don't want us to be sexual because its just going to make things worst and more confusing you know. I don't want to give up on me and Jeremy either. idk'' i chuckled nervously Abel looked at me with a blank expression i couldn't really tell what he was thinking

''ummm like idk this is so complex cause I have feelings for you and I love Jeremy I don't know what to do like I just need to take a step back and think about this. I know me and Jeremy aren't together right now but until I know for sure that he wants nothing to do with me than I'll go from there and not to mention we have a baby girl in the mix of all this'' i said as i started on the eggs

''mmmmmhm so what about the baby what if its mine?''  

''If its your then I guess we gone have to take care of it. I know I was wrong for trying to take that way from you but i just didn't want Jeremy finding about us. Actually would you like to come to my next ultrasound next week'' I turned around to look at him and a big smile came across his face ''really?''

''yes, Jeremy not going to be able to make it and i need some one to come with me. so i don't see why you cant come''

''well alright I'm there''

LATER THAT DAY........................................

I've been home for like an hour now. that talk that me and Abel had i felt like we got some where I guess lol. I miss Jeremy ughhhh. I pulled out my phone as I was soaking in the tub. on he 4 ring he answered ''What'' he spatted 

''umm can you come home please''


''cause I know I messed up and I just want to talk to you face to face that's all. I just really want to know where we stand that's all''

''What ever I'll be over there in 40 minutes'' he hung up before I could say anything I hurried and got out the tub to dry off and put on some clothes. I had smile on my face. I went to the kitchen to see what i could cook him. I pulled out ingredients to make Parmesan chicken its one of his faves. as soon as i got done cooking I sat up our dinner table. 3 minutes later he walked him.

''Hey have a seat I made you dinner'' he sat at the table and i fixed his food and poured him a glass of wine I sat down and watched him take a bite

''you like?''

''yea you not gone eat?'' he said as he took another bite

''no I'll eat later.''

''mmhm ok soooo''

''ok listen i know you are beyond mad with me i understand and thanks for coming over. Ok umm I know I don't deserve your forgiveness and I'm truly sorry for hurting. like I just want you to forgive me and I know that things can never go back to the way they where especially if this baby isn't yours.''

''yea you're right and I've been thinking about us too. I forgive you cause I don't want to lose you to that nigga and if we gone make this thing work one that baby needs to be mine so you need to get a DNA test asap. secondly you gone have to earn my trust back. I'm still mad at you though. one cant work with out the other so yea if i cant get those two things from you than we done.'' 

I was excited I got up and ran over to him and crashed my lips on his. Lets just say we had some banging make up sex.

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