I got up and cara was still sleep. which was good. i still feel guilty bout what happen so I hurried and got dress before she could wake up and went out to get her favorite breakfast food and a nice necklace from Tiffany's. and i also brought the baby new clothes.

I got home and cara was in the shower. so i set up her breakfast for her and made sure it was perfect. a few mins later she came in the kitchen and she saw what i did and had a very big smile on her face.

''awww you did this for me Abel" she came up and gave me a big hug then gave me a peck on the lips

''baby sit down'' i pulled out her chair for her and she sat i sat in the other chair waiting for to finish so i could give her the necklace. "you not gone eat Abel"

''nah I'm good"

''alright so how was the club. i bet it was real turnt up.''

''uhhh it wasn't all that it could of been better you know"

''mhm i bet the females was all up on you. but baby i know your good man and you wouldn't cheat on me ^_^''

man its like she knows i cheated on her. ''yea baby i could never"

 finally she finished eating "Ta... Cara" I'm so glad she didn't hear me "cara baby i got you present"

"really why its not my birthday lol you didn't have to do that"

"yea ik but you deserve it and so much more" i pulled the box out of my jacket pocket and walked over to her i opened it and hers got so big "that must of cost you an arm and a leg its so beautiful and looks hella expensive"

"it only cost 10 grand girl that's nothing here let me put it on" 

"thank you so much. here take a seat" she said getting up nd pushing me down in to the chair. she gave me the sweetest kiss nd then got on her knees she undid my pants and took my dick out she started playing with it. 

this ain't right i cant let her pleasure me its wrong but right now it feels so good. she started to give me head a few minutes in it i came to my senses "uhh Cara stop not right now can we do this later"

she gave me a crazy look "why am i doing it wrong?'' 

''no baby you're great i remember i have something to take care of" i got up and pulled my pants up and walked outside.

I took out a cig and started walking down the street smoking my cig. my phone went off and it was text. I wasn't looking where i was going and bumped into a girl

"sorry Miss" I looked up and oh crap

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