''so how are things with you and cara man'' 

''man that aren't good I'm pissed at her'' i got a cigarette out and lite it and put my feet on the table and laid back on the couch ''why you say that'' 

''well last week i freaking told her bout  how my dad wasn't there for me so i would be there for her and the baby and all she did was say ok I'll see  you later and left like who does that. just cause i have sex alot and do drugs doesn't mean I'm going to be a dad'' i took another hit from the cigarette ''dang man you still want her?''  i thought about while  exhaled the smoke letting it fill up the room ''yea man i do but right now forget her its Thursday so you know what that means''

''yea boy well I'll see you tonight then i got to go bye Abel'' ''bye drake'' i hung up the phone and just sat there finishing up my cigg

Jeremy pov.............................

''COME ON CARA'' i yelled i was so anxious cause today is when we found out the sex of our baby ''I'm coming baby just let me put on my shoes'' gosh why do women take so long to get ready a min later she came out the room looking good i went up to her and kissed her cheek. ''bout time lets go'' we walked out the house and went to the doctors

''alright come on in and lay back on the chair'' the doctor said Cara laid back and the doctor pushed her shirt back i went on the other side of cara so i could hold her hand and look at the ultra sound. the Dr turned it on and washed her hands she got the gel and spread it over Cara's belly and she put the transducer on her belly and moved it around we could see our baby and hears its heart beat ''awww babe look'' i said pointing to the screen cara gave me a smile ''alright you guys i see something let me move it around to see what it is'' she moved it more ''alright you guys i see a clitoris and the labia you're having a girl'' when she said that i was so happy i hugged cara ''oh my god baby we are having a lil girl we have to tell our family and friends and omg I'm going to have a daughter''  

''aww you're going to spoil her lol and she is going to be a daddy's girl babe'' she gave me a kiss

Abel pov/ later that night....................................

me and the boys was at the strip club doing our thing i was gone get soooo messed up tonight. i was sitting in front of the stage. i had a 1 liter sprite and a red solo cup full of ice with a grape jolly rancher in it on the table. i took the codeine out and poured some in the cup then i poured the sprite in it. it turned a purple color. i started sipping on it while i watched the strippers dance. i could feel myself get relaxed i got up and went to the VIP section where my boys was. ''here Abel'' cash handed me an ecstasy pill  i took it and chased it down with the lean. I felt my high coming on. we stayed here for another hour and then we left and went to another club we was in VIP section. we was popping bottles and i did a small snort of crack i was gone though. i was dancing and letting loose. when i was dancing i saw this cute brunette and i went up to her

''hey ma'' i gave her a smile ''hey cutie'' she smiled back at me ''come with me'' i grabbed her hand and went to the dance floor she started grinding on me and i started getting hard ''dang girl you know how to move'' 

'' thanks lets go to the bathroom i feel you getting hard let me take care of that'' we went to the bathroom and had sex

next day.......................................

i woke up i got my phone out my pocket and looked at the time it was 2 pm i had a text from cara she told me to meet her at a diner at 4 pm. i had another  message from hyghly it was a picture message of me my eyes was really red and that girl from last night. last night was to turned up i got up and took a shower brushed my teeth and got ready and i headed at to the diner

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