I came in the house was quiet and dark so Cara must be sleep. I feel so guilty about what i did. I went to go take a shower to try and wash a way my sins. when I got done taking a shower I got into bed with Cara. I kissed her on the forehead and rolled over to go to sleep.

This amazing  smell woke me up out of my sleep. I got up to see where it was coming from. I walked into the kitchen and saw my beautiful girl cooking me food. 

"morning Abel how was the club" ughh why did she have to ask

"it was you know ok'' I walked out the kitchen before she could say any thing i went to go brush my teeth and take a piss. as i was using the bathroom I heard Cara screaming in pain. I quickly finished and ran to her. she was hunched over grabbing her stomach and holding on to the counter so she could keep her balance.

"Cara what's wrong. are you having braxton hicks or is it something to more serious." I was so scared

''hospital now  I'm bleeding" I looked down and saw drops of blood I got so scared I cant lose my baby girl or Cara

"come on babe" I said grabbing my shoes and keys. 

I was speeding to the hospital i don't care if i get a ticket or not. we made it there and the nurse and doctors immediately took us back for her to be checked out.  i had to wait out side it felt like 3 life times when they came out. finally the doctor came out. he didn't have that I'm sorry but we did everything we could look on his face so i relaxed a little

"Mr.Tesfaye we have to deliver your baby right now Mrs.tesfaye suffered from Placental Abruption we cant allow you to be in the room during the C-section cause it is an emergency we will keep you updated"

"ok thanks doc" I feel like this is  karma hitting me in the face quickly and hard. I cheated it and this is my punishment this sucks I feel so guilty. 

CARA POV..........

I was in so much pain I was laying on the bed waiting for the medicine to kick in to ease the pain.

5 mins later I was out of it. the doctors got their tools out and cut open my tummy. Everything started to go dark after I head crying I heard a doctor shout she is losing to much blood I heard monitors going off and then it went completely dark

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