''Babe you not gone talk to me'' she said as she kept her eyes on the road. i sighed i wish she would just accept the fact that i don't want to talk to her ''no Cara i am not going to talk to you'' i spatted back

''well can you at least tell me what happen are you ok''  i rolled my eyes ''when i left the house i was going to a hotel i saw Abel on the street i got out the car and punched him the face then we got into a brawl'' she gasped ''omg really Jeremy yes my car is right there stop'' she stopped the car and i got out i said thanks to her and she left. i wasn't going home to her though. i went to Walmart to get some stuff and something to eat before i checked into the hotel

ABEL POV..................................

me and my niggas we was at my loft chilling in front of the TV smoking blunts watching the Enews waiting to see if i was going to be  on it. 

''hey hey hey shhhhhh Abel is coming on'' Lamar said we all shushed and watched 

''Breaking news The weeknd was in a brawl with his ex producer Jeremy rose. the reasons why they got into a fight is unknown. we have footage of it all here have a look'' guiliana said i sat back and laughed and waited for them to show the video. they played it and me and my niggas was mocking the fight.

''dang Abel i ain't gone lie that was messed up dude should have told you to square up and not caught you off like that. that was a good fight though you beat dude's ass'' hyghley said we gave each other some dap

''aye you should have threw something at him right drake'' cash said we all busted out laughing except drake

''right........'' drake responded back

''its cool though cause you got him good did you see his chin lol'' my phone started ringing 

''ooooo who is that Abel which one of hoes calling you'' cash said playfully i looked at my caller i.d it was Cara ''its not one of my hoes its the possible baby momma give me a second'' i got up and walked out to the balcony ''Hey baby girl what's up''  I'm glad to hear her voice

''Abel are you ok i heard about what happen are ok?''

''yea I'm good i guessing he found out about us huh?''

''yeah we are all in the magazines''

''lol yea ik drake told me.'' 

''oh'' there was a silence for like  30 secs then i broke it

''Hey! can you meet me tomorrow for breakfast around 10 at my place. you cook i wash dishes"

she giggled ''only you but ok I'll come over tomorrow.

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