Cara pov....................

        When he walked out the door I started laughing hard. I didn't have sex I couldn't do that to him. I was chilling with a nigga though. I walked out to go after him. "ABEL BABE COME BACK" he was waiting for the elevator thank god it takes for ever to come. He was so mad omg the look on his face. his nostril was flaring and everything. " We didn't have sex he tried but he failed I couldn't do that to you.'' he was still ignoring me "Abel say something"  but nothing the elevator finally came and he walked in it.oh this nigga not gone be ignoring me. so i got on it too. he just looked over at me and turned his back to me. aight cool. so i stopped the elevator i could hear him taking a deep breath.

I walked up to him and hugged him behind. I got on my tippy toes so i could whisper in his ear " I didnt do anything. I still love you baby" but he was still quiet that's fine too. so i move so i can be in his face i was staring him in the eyes i could see his face soften a little. Good. I hugged him tight at first he didnt want to hug me back but he gave in and did. he started moving his hand towards my butt and i liked it but i moved. cause that leads to sex lol we aint having sex for a while.

"Cara im so sorry and im going to make it up to you and Bri"

"baby its ok. i forgive you"

"so i can get a kiss lol"

"boy bye lol" i broke up our hug and started the elevator back up..

We walked out the elevator holding hands and smiling 

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