CARA POV........................................

i was sitting on the couch with my legs prompt up on the coffee table. i had the remote in one hand and i was rubbing my belly with the other. i was browsing the channels and waiting for Jeremy to come back from the store with my stuff. he'd been gone for like 30 mins now i was wondering what was taking him so long. there wasn't anything good on TV so i started thinking about Abel and what if the baby is really his. a minute into my thought process Jeremy walks in furiously with a magazine in his hand. ''what is this huh?'' he slammed the book down and i reached for it. i look at it and there i was on the front cover of a magazine with abel on his one knee. in big bold letters the weeknd taken? oh crap i was screwed i had to think of something quick

"uhhhh its not what it looks like i swear and i know it sounds like a cliche but really'' i started to get and go over there and calm him down. ''what is it then cara huh tell me cara'' he said sitting down so he could prepare himself for the lie i was getting ready to tell

"ok he kept calling and texting me every since what happened at the restaurant. and he wouldn't stop after i told him to stop trying to contact me. he told me that he would if i came to see him and told him that face to face so that he could see if that's what i really wanted. and that's what i did but he got on his knee trying to get me to be with him and thats what they captured'' i was trying to sound so convincing. he told me to hand him the book and i did he opened it up and it passed it back over tome

''alright can you tell me some more lies about the other picture'' he said leaning back in his seat. i just looked at him i was caught i cant lie about these i started crying.

''I'm sorry I've cheated. I've been lying to you . I've been dishonest. and it wasn't even worth it. I'm soooo sorry and i know sorry isn't going to fix anything but i love you and you're the one i want'' i just stood there waiting for his response. but he looked at me for a minute he cleared his throat ''how long'' he slowly started to get up i just looked at him trying to find my words ''HOW LONG GOD DAMMIT CARA FUCKKK YOU CHEATED ON ME WHY????'' he started yelling and i could of sworn a i saw a tear i knew i hurt him i still couldn't find my words ''ANSWER ME!!!!!''

''when you left me in the club that's when it started. i did it because i felt like you wasn't treating me right. i know that's no excuse we should have talked  instead'' i looked down at the floor

he went to his office and i followed behind him ''baby im so sorry'' he ignored me and went into his safe he threw a black velvet box down that had cara rose on his desk. i started crying some more ''is this what i think it is'' he closed the safe back and looked at me 

'' YES I WAS GOING TO  PROPOSE TO YOU AND YOU DO THIS TO ME'' he paused for a second and he looked at my growing stomach he started crying  ''oh my god cara is that little girl mine''

i looked down ''i dont know'' he punched the wall it scared me cause i wasnt expecting it ''YOU SLUT HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO US. CANT YOU KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOSE. AND YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH THAT NIGGA I DONT LIKE. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURTS. IM DONE CARA ITS OVER''

''no please dont go im sorry dont leave'' i grabbed on to his arm so he wouldnt leave but he snatched his arm away and walked out i just stood there 30 secs later i heard the door slammed he was gone

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