A few days passed and i haven't talked to cara in a while so i texted her to see if she wanted to go get something to eat and then go see me perform and she said yea. I got dressed and went to the restaurant to wait for her. she came in the restaurant like 5 mins after I got there she was looking too good. she had on this tight fitting black dress and gold accessories and her natural hair was slick back in a puff. she came and sat down at our booth.

"dang girl i cant wait to get a taste of you before during and after the show cause you looking yummy" you could see her blushing it was pretty cute

"oh stop I have a boyfriend lol"

"girl forget that nigga that ain't stop you from riding this..... nvm lol so what's good"

"none just been working what about"

"same just been working on my new album"

"oh really what's its called"

"its called I'm not telling you"

"i like that name for an album"

"lol that's not the name"

"ohhhhhh wow shut up now i feel stupid"

"lol wow no comment"

the waiter came and took our order and our food came we ate then we left cause my show was about to start in an hour and an half.

 we went to the dressing room and lets just say i undressed her for bout 30 mins than i went out to the stage to perform. half way in the show I let drake do an appearance so I could go do Cara again oh y'all thought i was playing when i said i was going to be tasting her before during and after the show oh nawww i was dead serious lol bout 10 mins i had to go back out there and finish the show after the show I hit again but this time I couldn't find a condom so  I was just like whatever and she let me go in her raw. we was laying on the couch naked when her phone went off and it was her boy friend ughh this nigga she answered it 

CARA POV.............................

"hey what's up babe"

"baby where you at"

"I'm at my moms house why"  Abel started giggling when i said that 


"yes babe"

"see the funny thing is I'm at yo moms house and you're not there where tf  you really at and who was that nigga in the background"

"fine I went out with my fiends"

"why you couldn't just tell me that. you  not cheating on me are you cause your friends are hoes and they could be rubbing off on you"

I hung up on him after he said that how dare he diss my friends.


" your moms house lol good one.... not babe rule number one never say you're at your folks house when you cheating on your boyfriend and he calls you up in the midst of you cheating cause as you can see you got caught lol"

"lol shut up its what ever I got to go" we got up and got dressed

"see you later" I said as i leaned in and gave her a good night kiss and she left. a min later drake came in 

"aye i see you big dawg i seen shawty come out your room. she bad but I'm surprise  you got with her you usually like those tall skinny white girls"

"oh yea she is bad and she got boyfriend dawg Ima take her from him just cause i can"

"wow Abel dude you got issues lol"

"yea well what we finna do tonight"

"get high go find us some bad chicks"

"aight let me go home and get ready and ill meet you at the club"

"aight see you later"

drake walked out my dressing room. i had got my stuff up and went home and went to the club got extremely high. but i didn't go home with anybody tonight

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