FEW DAYS LATER.............................

Cara was at my house chilling. she mines she don't know it yet. man is this what i been missing out on cause a skinny white girl ain't never made me feel this way before. I feel like i just got to have her body more than once. her body is more addicting than the coke i been snorting. speaking of coke i need a fix.

"aye babe can you get my coke out the cabinet for me"

"yea sure" she same back with it and i fixed it up and made an X <3 O out of it 

"you want to snort baby girl"

"ehh idk i ain't never do crack before"

"let me take your coke virginity lol try it"

"aight" she leaned down and snorted some up. she had this sour face on her face after she snorted it.

"lol what's wrong"

"man that crap burns. yea never again" she said as she was rubbing her nose

"lol aight" i finished snorted the rest of it. and i could feel my eyes get red and dilated and my high coming

"so what's up with you and yo boy"

"actually thing are going ok but they could be better"

"what's y'all problem any ways"

"sometimes he just treats me like crap. but i love him though."

"if you love him then why you cheating on him lol"

"cause lol i met you. honey i had no desire of cheating till i met you lol"

"lol yeaaaa I'm good like that"

"what ever lol"

"how long y'all been together"

"a year"

"oh but all seriousness I want you girl i don't think he deserves you. i wont ever treat you bad. I'll treat you right 24/7" 

she leaned in and gave me this sweet kiss on the lips

"that's sweet but I still want him"

"i want you all to myself girl you just don't know"

"well you got me to yourself right now"

"naw i want you to myself every day girl"

"maybe one day" she said getting on top of me and taking her shirt off

"girl what you doing to me lol"

"lol what you mean"

"yo body got me going crazy girl" 

"lol I'm good like that" 

"w.e lol"

i started undressing her even more and we ended up having sex.

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