CARA POV...................

I was leaving from Abel's house and i stopped by the drug store to get a pregnancy test cause i missed my period. i got home and i took the test it came back positive.

"BABY" i called out for my boyfriend to tell him i was pregnant

"yea what's wrong" i gave him the stick he looked at me and his eyes got so big and he had this kool aid smile on his face

"omg baby cara we're pregnant" he said picking me up and spinning me around

"yea we are pregnant lol you're going to be a daddy and I'm going to be a mommy"

"omg we got to go out and celebrate go get ready"

he left out the bathroom and i sat back on the toilet again. i started feeling crappy because this baby is possibly Abel's baby. and I've been cheating on a great guy just because he doesn't treat me right some times. wow i felt like a horrible person. My phone started ringing and it was Abel calling me so i pressed ignore. I didn't want to talk to Abel no more i wanted him out of my life for good. i don't care if this baby is his or not. me and my boy friend is going to take care of the baby and my boy friend isn't going to find out i cheated.


I called cara and she ignored my call which is weird maybe she is busy or something. well i call her another day or something i guess. I'm bored geesh what is there to do. i guess i can call my niggas up.

"hey cash nigga what you up to man I'm bored"

"none man just chilling you wanna go tear the town up dawg"

"yea come get me man"

"aight I'll be there in a few"

I got dressed and smoked a blunt before cash got here. he called my phone to tell me he was here. I had locked up my house and went down to the car.

"my nigga where we going" i said as i was getting into the car

"shut up and ride with ya nappy headed self lol"

"what ever suck my dick lol"

"nigga you gay lol"


we rode around and what not.

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