CARA POV/3 weeks later........................................

well its time for the DNA test and I haven't spoke to Abel in weeks. I was still kind of mad at him and he was mad at me too. if he wasn't mad at me he would have been called me but what ever

me and the hubby was waiting in the waiting room so i could get the test done. we was holding hands and being all lovey dovey and what not. our relationship is good no arguments or none. after what felt like years the doctor called us back we sat in the examining chair. i was kind of nervous

''alright cara this shouldn't take no more than 10 mins we just need a blood sample from both of you guys and then the results will come back in a week.'' she said getting the stuff ready so they could get our blood.

ABEL POV..........................................................

I woke up with a huge headache it was like 12 pm. I sat up stretched and yawned I looked around and my room was dirty. there was two blonde chicks in my bed they looked like twins. hehehe double score. I tried to climb over them so i wouldn't wake them up. i went to the bathroom to take a piss. when i got done i walk out the room and woah my house was a mess all my niggas was still knocked out. bottles every where crack residue on the coffee table cups plates some broken glass just everywhere. some random hoes was here too. sadly i don't remember any of this. every since what happened with cara I've been partying more and harder. I've been trying to mask my anger with that chick so that's my way of doing it. any ways time to get these niggas out my house and call the cleaning people. 

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