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CARA POV/NEXT WEEK LATER...................................

Jeremy went to work so he couldn't come with me to the ultrasound so I had Abel tag alone. we was waiting in the waiting room.

''psssssst hey Abel'' i whispered he looked over at me and raised his eyebrow ''what?'' he loud whispered back I covered my nose and made a nasty face ''you're breath stinks my gosh'' he started laughing ''shut up''

''no seriously i wanted to tell you that after this i want to go to lunch with you we  need to talk ok?''

''yea'' the nurse came in and called us back to the examing room. I sat on the chair   

''the doctor should be right with you ok?''

''alright'' she smiled and Abel was looking at her butt as she walked out I gave him a stank face. he looked at me and started chuckling ''baby got a booty for days for a white girl. Cara I think I need to get her number'' i gave him a blank expression ''boy don't play with me''

''lol aight my B dang'' the doctor walked ''hi cara how are you doing this evening'' she said giving me a firm hand shake

''good dr.johana'' 

''and hello aren't you the weeknd?'' she said giving Abel a hand shake as well

''yes but you can call me Abel''

''alright nice to meet you well Ms. cara lay back and pull your shirt up so I can see your tummy lol' i did as she said while she got ready for my ultrasound. she spread the gel around my belly and used the transducer the baby appeared on the machine and you could hear her little heart beat.

 ABEL POV................................................

omg I can hear her heart beat I could feel a tear forming man I just hope this little girl is mine I already love her. I grabbed cara's hand as we watched the monitor 

''well Cara I see she is healthy no problems or anything. you should be due in 3 and a half months. do you have any question''

i was cheesing so hard I'm glad the baby is doing good

''ummm yea I was wondering can I get a DNA test in the womb'' I looked at her I was surprise she looked back at me and gave me a smile

''yes but your insurance isn't going to pay for it and its really expensive'' before Cara could say anything I spoke up ''I'll pay for it its nothing just schedule it and I'll write you a check''

Cara smiled and I gave her a kiss on the hand ''alright walk to the front door and they will schedule it for you. ok so have a nice day you guys.''

''alright bye you too'' we said as we got up and went the front desk to get the test schedule  3 weeks from now.

we got in the car so ''cara where would you like to go''

''um lets go to Chilli's and you don't have to pay for the test at least let me go half on it''

''naw its cool. girl I got millions that test is pocket change to me lol''

''thank you so much Abel you are really sweet I just want you to know that'' she leaned over and gave me a kiss on the cheek

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