CARA POV.........................................

We made it to Chili's and went in to sit at a table more in the back for privacy. the waiter gave us our menus and we order. our food came and we ate 

''Abel give me your hand'' i said as i reached my arm out so he could grab my hand. he grabbed it and smiled so what's up baby girl you have something to get off your chest or some lol'' i chuckled nervously ''uhhh yea I actually do. you are probably going to get mad or i don't know'' he looked at me with an expression I couldn't read. ''ok so uhhh me and Jeremy are back together. But only if the baby is his and i can earn back his trust.'' when i said that i could see the anger spread over Abel's face. he let go of my hand 

''really Cara I'm tired of this. like seriously I'm tired of this b.s. What about me Cara huh do i even matter to you. am I wasting my time with you or what?'' he said trying not to raise his voice. I let out a sigh 

''Look Abel. I'm sorry its just that idk I mean we got something going on here there's no doubting that. I want you but I want Jeremy too. You matter to me but this is so confusing i just don't know what to do. I'm sorry'' .

''What ever.I'm leaving'' he said getting up and throwing down a hundred. ''call a cab and pay for the food'' 

''Abel please don't go'' i called out for him to come back but he didn't he ignored me and left.


I am angry with that girl right now. I'm done trying to be with her. tonight I'm going out and I'm going to do somethings that I cant remember to regret its whatever cause I'm just a bird. I'm tired of wasting my energy on that one girl. tonight all the hoes have my attention. I pulled out my phone to call my nigga Cash . he answered it on the 3rd ring

''Cash nigga tonight we getting messed up so call the rest of the crew to tell them. aight so be ready at 11 pm I'm going to come pick up y'all up.''

''aight see you later'' I hung up 

I walked around the house trying to figure out what i wanted to do cause it was like 2 pm. 

''mmmmmmm what to do'' i said talking to myself you know what I'm going to go to the studio haven't been there in a long time and i need to finish my album.  I called up the producer and told him i was coming

I was at the studio in like 10 mins

''alright so what song you want to work on?'' Tim asked Tim is the studio engineer  ''I was thinking about working on pretty. let me hear the beat'' he played it and i like it. it was dope i step inside the booth with the mic and went to work till it was time for me to go to pick up my niggas 

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