After I got done with my morning routine and got dress I went and laid up on the couch. I think I am going to do something really nice for Cara today. speak of the devil Cara walked in ''hey baby you hungry cause I am?'' she said stretching ''yes I am too"

''Alright good go cook us something to eat" she started laughing ''Naww I'm jk what would you like to eat"

''you'' i said jokingly

''no baby seriously'' she said giggling

''we gone go out ok so get ready" she walked out the living room and went to go get ready. I got up and went to my music room and grabbed something. I hurried and went to go put it in the trunk of the car. I was gone surprise her with it. a hundred years later she was done getting dressed. she walked in the room " how do I look? she said as she turned around

''good and bout time I swear I'm a year older now'' i got up

''shut up and lets go fool'' she said walking out the door. I followed behind her.

HOURS LATER..........

The sun was going done and we was chilling at the park having a nice time laying down on our blanket. I got up "Hey wait one second I'm going to the car right quick to get something ok. I walked to my car to get it. a few minutes I came back 

 Cara pov....................

"Omg you know how to play guitar!?" I was totally surprise he don't seem like the guitar type he chuckled. he sat down in front of me and positioned the guitar.

"Alright I wrote this song like a month after I met you its called what you need cause you well ya know I'm what you need girl. but yea when you hear this on the radio just know its for you lol"

I couldn't stop grinning  he started playing the guitar and then this beautiful sound came out  

I just want to take you there

He don't gotta know where

Does he touch you here like this?

Let me take the friction from your lips

And I'mma love you girl, the way you need

Ain't no one gon' to stop us, ain't no one gonna stop us

And I'm gon' give you girl, what you fiend

I'm the drug in your veins, just fight through the pain

He's what you want, he's what you want

He's what you want, he's what you want

I'm what you need

 I got everything you want with me

I do everything he does times three

And he don't gotta know

I got you on the floor, doing things you never thought you'd do

Baby, leave them high heel shoes

Cause I love it when you're looking down at me, I'm looking up at you

And I don't give a damn shorty, watch me knock your boots off

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