ABEL POV.................................

3:00 am

I was so freaking high it was unbelievable I was getting ready to leave the club when I saw this girl across the room standing at a table looking sad. She isn't really my type but she was cute.She had this nice light brown smooth skin. she was short and had this really cute nappy Afro and she was full figured. I walked over to her to see what's up.

"hey why you look so sad."

"its nothing"she said looking down at her drink

"come on you can tell me"

"it's my boyfriend we just got in an argument and he left me here" I looked at her for a second and i got the idea that hey why not make her happy

"hey babe why don't you come back to my loft and we can chill and you can forget about your boyfriend"

she looked at me like she was thinking hard about it and agreed. we left the club and went back to my loft.

"oh I'm sorry i forgot to ask you what your name was"

"its cara"

"oh my name is.." she cut me off

"its Abel tesfaye i know who you are"

"oh cool you smoke weed"


"alright well I'll make us a blunt and you want some dirty sprite?"

"sure I'll try it"

"girl you never had lean before?"

"no lol"

"aight well i guess there is a first for everything"

i brought the stuff out to make lean and a blunt. she rolled the blunts and i made the lean

we smoked and drank i got more high if that was possible she got high also

all of a suddenly she started feeling on my thighs and i looked at her i licked my lips and asked her

"what about your boyfriend"

"what about him didn't you bring me back here to forget about him?"

"yea i guess you right" i leaned in and kissed her. I felt something in that kiss it was different. something I've never felt before it made me want her more. I started removing her clothes and picked her up and took her upstairs to the bed room and threw her on the bed. I started undoing my pants and took my shirt off. I got on top her and started kissing her again she whipped it out and you can guess what happened


I woke up to an empty bed Cara wasn't there. so i got up and put on my boxers and walked down stairs to see if she was there but she wasn't. I walked in the kitchen and there was a sticky note on the fridge. it was her number and it said call me so i did she answered

"hey why you leave so early I wanted to go for round two girl cause you got that good good"

" i had to get back to my boyfriend but thanks for last night and what ever lol"

"forget that nigga lol but I'll talk to you later."

"ok bye"

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