*2 months later* 

My baby's tummy is getting so big. Its amazing that we are going to have a kid together. Tonight I'm going out with my niggas they was coming over to pick me up. I was putting on my shoes and Cara was sitting on the couch with her legs propped up rubbing that belly of hers. as soon as I got done tying my shoes up I heard a knock on the door. I got up it to answer it.  It was my niggas 

''Hey bitch'' cash said walking through

'what's up pussy'' i responded back giggling a little. all the boys came in to say hey to cara.

"you boys be good, and Abel don't do any thing they would do" she said giggling to her self

''uh what's that suppose to mean I'm a good guy" drake responded back....... this nigga lol

"yes you are lol let me rephrase that Abel don't do anything they would do except drake cause he light skin"  we all bust out laughing 

''alright baby i got you" i gave her kiss and we was out. I planned on getting pretty faded. i haven't been faded since last Thursday.

at the club i did like 3 lines of coke and had a glass of henny. 

i was chilling in the vip section when this white girl caught my eye

i was staring at her hard she was my type too. but i ain't gone holla I got cara and she's all i need. 

oh crap she caught me staring at her. she got a smile on her face and starting to dance enticing me. I wasn't trying to feed into it. I'm not trying to cheat. she did this for like 30 more seconds and saw i wasn't gone make a move so she came over to me. yeah i don't see this going well. just cause I'm high doesn't mean I'm going to cheat right?

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