*ABEL POV.....................................*

After I got done serenading her she was in a trance. My song was able to

take her some where and I loved it.

"So What you think?'' I asked interrupting her trance

''huh?....... oh! OMG BABY I LOVE IT'' she responded hugging me really

tight. she let me go and I pulled her back into a kiss. we broke from the

kiss and i looked her deeply in the eyes and I accidentally blurted out I

love you.

It took her by surprise her eyes got really big she just look at me for

what felt like hours

"you don't actually mean that do you" she asked

''uhhhh" i said rubbing the back of my neck trying to gather my thoughts. I

mean I guess I do but....

''its ok if you don't'' she said as she interrupted my train of thought.

i grabbed her hand "baby.....I do love you. I don't know if you love me but

its ok if you don't i understand''

"I love you too Abel how could I not. you are my baby's dad and you've done

so much for me"

she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek

" lets get out of here and go home. i'm in the mood to make love to you"

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