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ABEL POV............

its been a few hours since the doctor came out. I hope everything is ok. an hour later the doc came out he had a sad face on him. I got kinda nervous

"Mr.Tesfaye Cara lost alot of blood during the operation. your baby did come out healthy she is just going to have to stay here for a few weeks because she is premature if you want you can go see her............. uh also Cara is in a coma due to how much blood she lost. if you like you can go see them"

when i heard that I started crying like a baby. all of this is my fault if i wouldn't have cheated cara wouldn't be in this situation i nodded my head and the doctor walked me to their room. i wiped away my tears and tried to not cry in front of my baby i  walked over to her and looked at her she is the most beautiful baby ever. she's so pure and innocent and her pretty big brown eyes just filled with joy. man she looks just like me. the nurse walked in 

"you wanna hold her"

"yea that would be great" the nurse gave her to me and when i held her I knew i would protect her and let no one cause her harm she giggle a little as i walked back and forth with her

another nurse came in with a birth certificate and asked me to sign it and what i was gone name the baby. Me and cara never really talked about names so i told her come back in a few to let me think of something I started thinking and then the name Abrielle hit me for the first name than  Carabell for the middle so Abrielle Carabell Tesfaye I like it. I sat abrielle back down and went over to where cara was. she looked so beautiful and peaceful but it still made me sad she is in a coma I leaned down and gave her a kiss on the lips.

3 weeks later............

its been some weeks since she been in a coma. I've been a mess I've been doing drugs heavily because my guilt is eating me alive. i manage to get myself together and go see my baby girl and girlfriend.

Cara Pov............

 Its dark and i cant really move. i really wanna move and open my eyes but i cant. I feel Abel hands touch mines and i try to move my finger or  some to let him know i feel him here

"Cara baby I did some bad i don't know if you can hear me but I need to confess my sin baby. when i went to the club with my niggas i had sex with this girl" this nigga did what! ok ok ok calm down cara let him finish

but baby don't worry i used a condom. we been through it just to be together and i throw it all away for some skank i don't even know. you don't deserve me but when you wake up I'm going to make it right I just feel like I'm the reason you are in this position I'm so sorry"

the nerve of this nigga I hate him right now. like he got my blood boiling right now. out of no where i hear my machines going off and him screaming oh my god some one get the doctor. i hear nurses and doctors rushing in. 

I see the light and its calling my name.

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