Cara pov.......................................

I wish Abel would just leave me alone cause I know if i get involved with him its going to be a whole lot of something i don't know if its going to be something good or bad but i don't want to find out. I love Jeremy and i really want to be with him. i got home and Jeremy was laying in bed watching TV. i took my shoes off and go in the bed with him. i laid my head on his chest and i was rubbing my belly while he was running his hands through my naps. i looked up to him ''baby i really love you'' he looked down at me ''i love you too beautiful he kissed my forehead and we went to sleep in each others arms.

i woke up and i saw Jeremy was sleep still so i got up and thought i would make dinner for him. i was cleaning off the vegetables when Jeremy walked behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. he nuzzled his chin in the crook of my neck.

''baby i cant wait to find out the sex of our child next Thursday''

''i know what do you want it to be'' i turned the sink off and turned around to face him ''it doesn't matter babe cause i know the baby is going to be precious and perfect'' we started kissing but i broke the kiss ''babe i got to get back to cooking for you''

''ok I'm going to go to the store right quick I'll be back''

''ok hurry back I'll miss you'' he kissed my cheek and left

Jeremy pov..............................

i wasn't going to the store i was going to my uncle's jewelry shop to pick up Cara's engagement ring. i think its time to make that commitment to her. i know i haven't been a good boyfriend to her but sometimes I'm just so paranoid that she is cheating on me but i know she wouldn't do that to me though and i know my anger gets the best of me also. i got in my car and called my unc up


''hey uncle ron I'm coming to pick up the ring ok''

''alright see you soon''

''bye'' i hung up the phone and made my way over to the shop 10 mins later i was there i walked in and my uncle was behind the cash register i walked behind the counter

''what's up unc'' i said giving he a handshake we walked to the back of shop

''none man i think Cara is going to love this ring Jeremy'' he went to the safe and pulled out a black velvet box that had Cara rose on it we sat down at his desk he pushed the box over to me ''nephew tell me what you think'' i opened it up and the ring was so breath taking ''she is going to love it thank you'' we got up and went to the register and i paid for it i went back to house and walked in. the house smell so good from her cooking. she was in the kitchen finishing up the food so i went into my office and i opened up my safe and put the ring in there.

''babe I'm home'' i said walking in the kitchen ''good sit and let me get you a plate'' i sat down at the island while she got my plate ready.

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