my niggas got in the truck 

''alright who gone be the designated driver tonight it defiantly cant be me cause i need to get messed up tonight" i asked looking around to see who was going to volunteer. they all looked like they didn't want too

''I will. I'll do it this time I guess'' drake said i reached out my fist to give him so dap ''alright cool'' we dapped i drove off to the club. we got there and went into our VIP section. the bartender came and asked us what we want to drink we got 2 bottles of henny and a pitcher of sprite for now. I took out my ecstasy bottle and poured one in all my niggas hand except drake. we took the pill and chased it down some henny  

''aye Lamar you got the lean man'' i said trying to compete with loud music ''yea i got you man'' he said pulling the codeine and jolly ranchers out his jacket pocket .

''alright lets do this man'' we made the lean and i started sipping it slow. I went out the dance floor with drake to look for some girls to bring back to our section. I saw this one with blond hair she was kinda cute. I went over to her and told her to come back with me to the section and she did.

''aye ma you cute''

''thanks'' she said sipping her drink through a straw and dancing with the music i pulled out the pills ''here take one'' she looked at me and smiled ''ok what is it'' i shook the bottle in her hand so one could come out

''its ex baby''  she put it in her mouth and drank some more of whatever she had been sipping on. 

''aye Abel''' cashed called out i looked over to him he was siting down making lines ''what nigga'' 

''you want to sniff'' i thought about it I probably shouldn't but what ever ''alright'' i walked over and took a sniff. 

the room started spinning . I felt like i was moving in slow motion and then I blacked out

THE NEXT DAY................................

I woke up and was in a strange bed. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and yawned. nobody was in bed with me. i got up and went to the bathroom that was in the room to take a piss. then i walked out the room to try and find out who house i was at. i walked into the living room and saw the blonde from last night in a hoodie and some thongs. she looked sexy not gone lie

''morning Abel how did you sleep''

''good did we have sex last night'' she giggled

''uhhh yea was you that gone you didn't remember.'' she chuckled again

''uhhh i guess lol so uhhh well I'm finna call a cab and go alright''

''ok but sit down and let me give you some goodbye head'' she winked and i sat down 

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