JEREMY POV.....................................

I cant believe Cara did this to me I'm so done with her. I was riding around trying to find a hotel to sleep in for tonight when I seen Abel walking on the side walk sudden rage came over me I hurry and parked my car and i ran towards him "Abel!'' I called out he turned around looking for the person who called his name. When he saw my face he had this weird look cause all he saw was his enemy running towards him than BAM! I punched him right in the face. he took a couple steps back almost losing his balance. he regain his balance and swung on me punching me in the face also. We started getting in a brawl there was blood everywhere. people was just standing in awe watching us fight. some mins in the fight the police came and broke us up. We had to get our cuts and bruises cleaned up before we got arrested.

ABEL POV..............................

GREAT! I was out shopping walking around  and what not then i get punched in the face out of no where now I'm in the back of a police car waiting to be taken back to the station. hehe I think he found out I was screwing his girl. The police officer got in the car and he took me to the station. I got processed and everything and I called my nigga cash to come bail me out . Bail was like 75 grand but that's like chump change to me so its what ever.

CARA POV................................

I was laying on the couch crying here and there thinking about me and Jeremy when the phone started ringing. I looked at the caller I.d. it said county jail which is weird so I answered it


the automatic female voice spoke '' You have a collect call from Jeremy rose inmate #34578894379up press 1 to answer or 2 to reject'' I was confused like what happened I quickly pressed 1


''hey I got arrested can you come bail me out?''

''omg what happen?''  I was really curious to know why he got arrested

''I'll tell you later I don't have enough time to explain just hurry'' he spatted and hung up

I put my shoes on and made my way to the jail.

as soon as I was walked in the front office I saw Abel walking out with one of his friend. He looked at me and gave me a wink. he had little cuts and what not on his face. oh man him and Jeremy got in a fight oh no.

JEREMY POV...................

''Alright you are free to go the'' the officer unlocked the cell and escorted me to the office and un-cuffed me Cara ran up to me and put her arms around my neck giving me a hug. i wanted to hug her back but i was still hurt by her so i pushed her off of me. i couldn't look her in the face either but i could feel her looking at me

''Jeremy please forgive me'' she said softly

''take me to my car please'' completely ignoring her plea for me to forgive her i grabbed my stuff sign some paper and walked out and got in the car. she got in and started the car ''its on 12th street''

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