CARA POV.............................................

I was bored it was like 1 in the afternoon and Jeremy hasn't came home from work yet. so i was laying in bed just scrolling on instagram. something caught my eye it was a picture of a sleeping Abel in some girls bed from last night. I was mad and jealous all at the same time. I read the caption

xodiva____: the nerve of this hoe taking a pic of Abel while he sleeping. who does that. babe prob doesn't even know she took that pic. 

I just shook my head like wow no comment. I texted Abel

meI see you had fun last night

A: I sure did. why does it matter to you any ways

me: whatever it doesn't I see one of your hoes got you on insta huh

A: what are you talking about?

Me: just go on insta you'll see


what tf is Cara talking bout. I log into insta and my notification box was crazy. i had all these fans tagging me in this pic of me sleeping. they seemed to be mad at the blond hoe smh. that was creep but whatever i texted cara back

Me: oh yea i just saw the pic man what a night

cara: mmmmmmhm good for you

me: her sex was better than yours and she got a crazy head game :)

it was a lie though i just said that to make cara feel some type of way lol 

Cara: ok and i care because

me: you know you care. i mean my dick is basically yours and i know you females don't like sharing dick right 

cara: shut up i hate you good bye Abel

i laughed and put my phone back in my pocket 

"20.50 and a autograph sir" the cab driver said i got my money out and gave it to him. he gave me a permanent marker and ejected his CD from the radio and handed it to me i sign it and got out the car

CARA POV...................................

Abel just pissed me off like was that really called for did he have to say those things. Jeremy walked in 

''hey baby you miss me'' he said taking of his shoes and unbuckling his pants

''yes i have. especially those lips. give me a kiss babe'' he got in the bed and held my face with his right hand and kissed me. the kiss turned in a make out session and then the make out session turned into sex.

in the middle of sex while Jeremy eyes was closed from the pleasure i reached for my phone and called Abel i knew he would answer. i put the phone down on the night stand and started to moans Jeremy name and was saying how he was the best i ever had and all that good stuff. hehe two could play that  game.


ughhhh who's calling i looked at the caller id it was Cara. geesh what does this girl want I answered 

''hello'' no answer

''hellllllllllooooo'' still no answer then I heard a noise i listened more closely to it 

''mmmmmmm jeremy yesss baby right there uhhhhhh you are the best keep going fassster'' it was cara moaning i was absolutly livid i hunged up i bet that bitch did it on purpose. i hate her i promise i do.

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